Trump Offers To Mediate South China Sea Debate

U.S. President Donald Trump has offered to act as a mediator in the continuing South China Sea dispute. It comes before the imminent Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) summit in Manila, Philippines, where all parties central to the debate will be in attendance. Whilst all parties central to the […]

Keystone Pipeline Leaks In South Dakota

On Thursday November 16th, 2017, about 210,000 gallons of crude oil leaked into Amherst, South Dakota from the controversial Keystone XL Pipeline. Crews quickly shut down the pipeline and the company, TransCanada claims to be working closely with officials to clean up the area and find the cause of the leak. “The […]

Slave Trade Alive And Well In Libya

A CNN investigation has uncovered migrants, who are trying to reach Europe via North Africa, being auctioned off for as little as US$400 for manual labour within Libya. Cellphone footage of an auction shows African men as “big, strong boys for farm work.” These migrants have left their own country […]

The Central African Republic Sinking Back Into Chaos

On October 24, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres chose to spend the organization’s National Day in the Central African Republic (CAR). He declared that it was a “duty of solidarity” when explaining his visit, before adding that he also hoped to shake the internal community who, he believes, neglects the nation and […]

Libya’s Modern Day Slave Trade

CNN recently released an exclusive report detailing slave auctions occurring across Libya.  Migrants and refugees, comprised of people who have travelled to Libya with the hopes of a better future, are being auctioned off. Instead of providing them with a better future, the smugglers sold them to labourers for under […]