19 Sentenced To Death Over Bangladesh Grenade Attack

On October 10, a Bangladeshi court announced the sentence for those responsible for the deadly grenade attack carried out in Dhaka, Bangladesh in 2004. The attack has been investigated multiple times over the years. The Associated Press reported there were 49 defendants. They reported that nineteen people were issued the […]

Growing Fears Amid Brazil’s Upcoming Election

Demonstrators have taken to the streets to protest against the far-right frontrunner candidate, Jair Bolsonaro, in the lead-up to Brazil’s presidential election. Chants of “El Nao” meaning “Not him!” erupted during the protests where tens of thousands of people, many of them women, took part in marches in the main […]

Half A Degree Increase In Temperature, A Big Challenge For All

Last Sunday, the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change was held in South Korea. The document that was issued by the panel declared the actions that will be initiated to protect the environment and the survival of species, specifically in relation to the current increase in temperature. Taking steps to prevent […]

Kuwait’s Banned Book Count Continues To Rise

The Kuwaiti government has banned 4,390 books in a four year period, in a bid to appease the country’s conservative bloc in parliament. Despite Kuwait’s push to be seen as a modern “enclave of intellectual freedom,” censorship literature is still pushed through the Ministry of Information’s twelve-member censor committee. The government’s censorship […]

Malaysian Government To Abolish Death Penalty

The Malaysian government has announced that it will be tabling a bill to abolish the death penalty for all crimes. This will apply to the 1,200 people awaiting executions, set to be hung for crimes including murder, drug trafficking, treason, kidnapping, and acts of terror. Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind […]

Romania’s Failed Homophobic Referendum On Same-Sex Marriage

A mere 20.41 percent of eligible voters cast ballots in Romania’s internationally-watched referendum, falling short of the 30 percent needed to legally change the constitution. Mihai Gheorghiu, president of the pro-referendum, N.G.O. Coalition for Family, declared prior to the vote that they were trying “… to protect, at a constitutional […]