The West, Conflict And Refugees: Time For Some Diplomacy?

Recent Western interventions in the Middle East have instigated tensions and uproar in the region at an unprecedented rate. In particular, the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan alongside the conflict in Syria have seen an initiation of high levels of refugees in the region. These conflicts have led to the […]

Are North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Promises That Promising?

Kim Jong Un announced North Korea’s halt in their nuclear tests and intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM) launch, starting from the 21st of April onwards. Consecutively, Mr. Kim announced the shutting down of a test site of theirs. While the announcements were long-awaited good news by the international community in their […]

British Citizens Wrongfully Threatened With Deportation

Britain has threatened to detain and deport Commonwealth nationals, including Windrush-era citizens. Thousands of individuals have been denied their rights to continued occupation and residence in the UK because they cannot provide documentation to prove their citizenship. Between 1948 and 1971, approximately 50 000 people from the Caribbean, known as the Windrush […]

Palestinian Envoy To The UN Calls For Probe Into Killings In Gaza

The United Nations Security Council has been urged by the Palestinian ambassador to the UN to open an independent investigation into Israel’s crimes. These include the recent killing of four Palestinians, amounting to 39 total deaths since mass demonstrations began, dubbed the Great March of Return. Palestinians are calling for […]

Demonstrators Arrested Amid Armenian Protests

On Friday, April 30th, 37 activists were detained due to their involvement in protests against the appointment of the former Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan as Prime-Minister. This number included the leader of the anti-Sargsyan movement “Reject Serzh.” The protests have been encouraged and organized by MP Nikol Pashinyan, who has […]

Child Abuse Protests In Mongolia

On the 31st of March 2018, the people of Mongolia stood together in protest against child abuse, with a focus on child molestation, rape, and sexual abuse, across 14 provinces and 9 countries. Over 30 000 people, 20 artists, 2 previous Olympic champions, and various other activist groups gathered together […]