FARC Is No Longer An Armed Group

On June 26, 2017, FARC completed the disarmament process, in compliance with the timeline agreed with the Colombian Government. The United Nation Mission in Colombia certified the storage of 7,132 arms, the entirety of FARC’S registered individual weapons, only excluding those that “under the Road Map” will be used for […]

The Threat Posed By Terrorism Is Rising Globally

Globally, the fear of terrorism is growing. The latest terrorist attack in Manchester, the United Kingdom, which left 22 people dead, has exacerbated the fear that terrorism poses to all states around the world. Recently, during Ramadan, the threat of terrorism has grown as Islamic State began encouraging its followers […]

How The Government Failed Grenfell

Surviving residents and members of the community around Grenfell Tower in West London have been protesting the failings of the local council before and directly after the devastating fire on Wednesday, the 14th of June. The fire, which broke out on the 7th floor of the 24-storey tower block in […]

Mambilla Plateau Crises: A Thing Of Concern To General Peace

At least eighteen people have been killed in the crisis between the Fulani and Mambilla ethnic groups in Sardauna Local Government area of Taraba state. The Mambilla Plateau is a plateau in the Taraba state of Nigeria. The plateau is Nigeria’s northern continuation of the Bamenda Highlands of Cameroon. The Mambilla Plateau has an average elevation of about 1,600 metres […]

Community Responses To Global Water Scarcity

Current global water supplies, the management of the planet’s water resources, and access to basic sanitation continue to present a worldwide challenge. According to the Associated Press, United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres recently released a public statement suggesting that one in four individuals will experience consistent freshwater shortages by […]