Party Called Neo-Nazis Wins Seats in German Election

Germany’s recent election brought an overtly nationalist party into parliament for the first time in over 60 years.The AfD or Alternative for Germany party is a far-right eurosceptic group with anti-immigration and anti-Islamic views. After narrowly missing the threshold to sit in the Bundestag in a 2013 election, the party […]

Iran Tests New Missile Despite Tensions With Trump

On Saturday, 23rd September, Iran’s state television claimed that it has successfully tested a new medium-range ballistic missile, in defiance of recent US demands to halt its missile programme. The announcement of the test came hours after the ‘Khoramshahr’ missile was displayed at a military parade in Tehran; it allegedly […]

Thousands Take To The Street In Barcelona To Protest Arrests

Thousands took to the streets in Barcelona Thursday to protest the arrest of major politicians in the Catalonian region of Spain. The arrests and protests are happening in the run-up for the Catalonian referendum on independence which will take place October 1st. The region, which occupies the country’s Northeast corner, […]

What Does The Future Hold After Hurricane Maria?

This past month has witnessed a slew of deadly storms and hurricanes that have brought a wave of devastation over millions of people. Most recently, Hurricane Maria swept across the Caribbean, bringing, even more, destruction in an area still recovering from previous storms. In an address to the United Nations, […]

Russia’s Display Of Massive Firepower Concerns U.S. And NATO Allies

According to CNN, Russia is unleashing massive firepower right on NATO’s border. Under the watchful eyes of President Vladimir Putin, tanks, rockets, and aircrafts display their capabilities in choreographed war games named Zapad (the west). Russia is conducting the military exercise with Belarus. They claim that the exercise simulates an […]

The Diminishing Reassurance Of Mutually-Assured Destruction

During the mid to late-20th century, mutually-assured destruction (MAD) deterrence theory was the strongest reassurance against the threat of nuclear attacks. Although MAD has maintained the balance of nuclear power and has aided us in avoiding nuclear war thus far, the rise of extreme or impulsive leaders increased technological capabilities, […]

The Kurdish Referendum: Fears Grow Over A ‘Destabilizing Impact’

Iraq’s Kurdish leader, Masoud Barzani, plans to take the Kurds to a landmark referendum. Despite the overwhelming international opposition to this plan, Barzani believes this referendum will bring the Kurds to independence. Kurdish nationalist movements have advocated for independence since the Orroman Empire broke down, giving birth to the modern […]

Has Violence Won Against The Rohingya?

In the past month, approximately 270,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled across the Myanmar border to Bangladesh in an attempt to escape the hostility of Myanmar’s Rakhine state. To date, the UN’s refugee agency reports that these Muslims walked through jungles for days in order to escape brutal treatment, all the […]