Our Work

The Organization for World Peace is a community of advocates and experts working to expand our understanding of conflict and encourage a new way of thinking about the international system, in which peace, respect and cooperation are at the forefront of discussion and policy-making.

To ensure we maximize our impact, we promote peace through a variety of outputs.  These are primarily based on our fundamental principles for making change; to inform, to educate, to advocate, and to encourage inclusive and constructive discussion on peaceful solutions to complex issues across the globe.

The Organization for World Peace conducts research and publishes reports pertaining to world peace. These reports are based on current events and can vary in the topics they address; from human rights to international security, from political economy to environmental issues. The aim of these reports is to identify issues that threaten world peace, and then to offer various solutions to resolve said issue or at least reduce the problem in a meaningful way.

Our reports are published here. You can also find our latest articles on the home page.

The Crisis Index offers a central source of information for ongoing crises across the globe. Covering a wide range of crises, the Index provides detailed coverage on issues ranging from long-standing insurgencies, political instability, health crises and diplomatic tensions. The index offers readers an easy way to expand their understanding of existing crises, as well as outlining the key problems that lead to crises. The Crisis Index is a useful resource for academics, policy makers, diplomats and the public alike.

You can see our Crisis Index here.

The OWP Advocacy team promotes the consideration of peaceful solutions to complex issues by providing thorough research and well-thought out recommendations to resolve conflict. This includes directly lobbying decision makers and key actors to take actions that promote peaceful  resolution to these issues. We endeavor to publish our advocacy work for all to see, and for others to share.

You can see our advocacy work here.

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