What is the Organization for World Peace?

The Organization for World Peace is a not-for-profit organization promoting peaceful solutions to complex issues across the globe. The OWP was established in 2015 by our Founder and President, Matthew Savoy, who identified an issue in the analysis being provided by existing reporting sources – no one was providing peaceful alternatives to solving complex issues, perpetuating a system of violence, conflict and confrontation. The OWP seeks to fill this void with critical analysis and well-considered solutions to reduce conflict and promote justice. We also seek to educate our readers on complex issues and the causes of conflict. In doing so, we hope to expose readers to alternative solutions to complex issues, through which we promote peace-first thinking, rather than settling for confrontational outcomes.

The OWP is a platform for emerging experts in the field of international relations, political analysis, peacekeeping, diplomacy and development. We encourage young writers, academics, activists and professionals to contribute their own analysis to debates on complex issues, to consider the consequences of the status quo, and to imagine a better way of doing things. As a non-profit organization, we do not use any funds we receive for personal gain, nor for the economic gain of our members, and we do not intend to do so in the future. Any funds earned by, or donated to, the OWP will be used to improve the work we do, and to expand our impact. 

Our Vision

Here at the Organization for World Peace (the OWP) we believe that Peace is Possible and we want to convince people around the world that there are alternatives to war, conflict and violence. We offer critical analysis on key issues , including peace and conflict; foreign affairs and diplomacy; human rights; and environmental degradation. In debating these issues we aim to educate and challenge dominant ways of thinking. 

The OWP proposes peaceful alternatives to the status quo of war and violence, proving that there is an alternative path that leads to better, more peaceful outcomes. It is our view that global affairs are not a zero sum game, and that we can all benefit through cooperation, fairness, and peaceful relations.

We believe that a path to peace must also include a path to justice. You will therefore notice that we advocate for peaceful and collaborative solutions to complex issues, such as human rights abuses and environmental degradation.

Fundamental to the OWP’s vision for world peace is the need to end warfare permanently. War is responsible for poverty, underdevelopment, and human suffering. War restricts children from receiving education, and can prevent families from obtaining food and water, forcing starvation across the globe, particularly in the Global South. War forces migrations as people have no choice but to flee their homes or perish. 

Research conducted by the Institute for Economics and Peace (the IEP) in 2018 estimates that war costs the global economy US$14.76 trillion in 2017 alone.1 That’s 12.4% of global GDP and $1988 per person. That figure represents a major cost to society in economic terms, but it also reflects significant damage to the fabric of society, on peoples’ wellbeing, and to the prospects for prosperity. These things feed into the cycle of violence and poverty. Only through justice, reconciliation and peace can we achieve true prosperity for all.

The bottom line is that war is bad for humanity. It is the goal of the Organization for World Peace to end war by educating governments and individuals as to peaceful solutions to conflict issues in an effort to attain a full commitment from governments and democratic societies to no longer consider war a viable solution. For humanity to survive, War Must End.

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