The OWP Team

Board of Directors

Matthew Savoy

Founder and President

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Maura Koehler

Vice President - News and Reporting

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Peter Koenigsbauer

Senior Executive Director

Justin Raposo

Senior Executive Director

Oyewole Oginni

Executive Director - Africa

Tamara B.

Chief Editor

Hayden Carlson

Executive Director - United States

Joshua Robinson

Executive Director - Australia

Ashika Manu

Executive Director - New Zealand

Faidra Angelopoulou

Executive Director - Europe

Sophia Seemann

Executive Director - Canada

Executive Team

News And Reporting

Gerald Tapuka, Deputy Director, OWP Africa

Katherine Everest, Deputy Director, OWP Australia

Paul Willis, Deputy Director, OWP Canada

Louise Chaynes, Deputy Director, OWP Canada

Stephen R. Hussar, Deputy Director, OWP United States

Special Content

Jake Grinyer, Crisis Index Director

Monica Sager, Media and Marketing Director

Arthur Jamo, Lead Advocate