The OWP Team

Board of Directors

Matthew Savoy

Founder and President

Jonathon Arrell

Vice President - Special Content

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Maura Koehler

Vice President - News and Reporting

Tamara B.

Chief Editor

Oyewole Oginni

Executive Director - Africa

Joshua Robinson

Executive Director - Australia

Sophia Seemann

Executive Director - Canada

Faidra Angelopoulou

Executive Director - Europe

Ashika Manu

Executive Director - New Zealand

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Peter Koenigsbauer

Executive Director - USA

Executive Team

News And Reporting

Gerald Tapuka, Deputy Director, OWP Africa

Katherine Everest, Deputy Director, OWP Australia

Daniel Reale-Chin, Deputy Director, OWP Canada

Stephen R. Hussar, Deputy Director, OWP United States

Special Content

Jake Grinyer, Crisis Index Director

Monica Sager, Media and Marketing Director

Arthur Jamo, Lead Advocate