A Fertile Future For Repatriated, Reformed Terrorists In Uzbekistan?

Enveloped in the swirling fog of coronavirus news, disoriented and panicked, it is easy to forget that crises that began long before this are continuing to grind along, out of sight. Islamic extremist groups are not dissuaded by the virus, and life in Syrian camps for their former members carries […]

Guinea’s Constitutional Referendum Vote Met With Protests

Guinea’s constitutional referendum vote was met with violence and opposition on Sunday, 22 March. Sunday’s protest resulted in at least two killed, one kidnapped, and polling materials burned, according to Al Jazeera.  Guinean President Alpha Condé proposed to change the constitution by organizing gender equality policy, social reforms, and term […]

Factory Workers Are The Hidden Victims Of The Coronavirus Pandemic

Rubana Huq, President of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association, has issued an urgent appeal to European clothing brands not to cancel their orders or defer payments in light of the COVID-19 crisis. In the statement, she warns that factories are on the verge of closure, putting millions of […]

An Update On Coronavirus In Africa

Coronavirus has infected over 600 000 people across over 200 countries and territories worldwide, although this number is likely an underestimate. Reporting on Sunday 29th March, 32 155 people have lost their lives to the disease. The African continent has the lowest number of cases globally; the WHO situation update […]

The Fate Of Foreign ISIS Affiliates: Part 2

Part 1 of this series on the fate of foreign Islamic State (IS) affiliates called on governments to step up and take responsibility for their nationals in Syria, who in the aftermath of the regime’s collapse, are seeking return to their countries of national origin. This second instalment focuses on […]

Italy And The World Locks Down Amidst The Coronavirus Pandemic

On March 9th, Italy set precedent as the first European country to enter lockdown in the hope of forestalling coronavirus, which induces the highly contagious COVID-19. As of that date, sixteen million people were affected by movement and transportation restrictions, leaving a quarter of the population frozen. The lockdown is […]

Afghan Talks Stall As American Commitment Wavers

Less than a month after the signing of an historic peace accord in Doha between the Taliban and the U.S, hopes of lasting peace in Afghanistan are fading. The Islamist group continues to reject entreaties to negotiate a deal directly with the Afghan government. Even if they were prepared to […]

Unwanted Effects Of The COVID-19 On Violence Against Women

As stated by the World Health Organization, the current global pandemic of COVID-19, has affected the lives of all people regardless of borders. The Coronavirus constitutes a life-threatening illness that has already caused thousands of deaths and has left many people vulnerable, especially in conflict-affected areas. The pandemic has created […]