Indonesian, Malaysian Schools Closed By Toxic Haze

Thousands of schools in Malaysia and Indonesia were ordered shut Thursday amidst concerns about air quality. More than 1.7 million students have been sent home in response to toxic haze, a by-product of the forest fires that have been raging across the islands of Borneo and Sumatra since early last […]

Unmet UN Aid Appeals Cause Host Countries Of Venezuelan Refugees To Lament

The Venezuelan crisis has been recorded as the largest after the Syrian crisis, leaving millions of Venezuelans at the mercy of neighbouring countries, UNHCR reports. Despite the overwhelming stretch in its educational and health services, Colombia can be commended for supporting the largest population. More applause should be given to […]

West Africa: Coastal Countries Under Latent Jihadist Threat

   The pressure exerted by the ‘Barkhane’ operation and the army has been containing Islamic groups. But ever since the attack on Grand-Bassam in the Ivory Coast, the danger remains widespread across the region. On March 13th, 2016, a small commando of three men died on Grand-Bassam’s beach, but the […]

Mozambique’s Humanitarian Aid Criticized by Pope Francis

On a recent trip to Mozambique, Pope Francis pointed out the rampant corruption plaguing the country, which is considered the worst in the region; he criticized its government and how foreign aid has kept them in power. He called it “paradoxical,” as Mozambique is rich in arable land and minerals, […]

Boris Johnson Cancels Press Conference Amid Continued Brexit Frustration

On Monday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson pulled out of a press conference with Xavier Bettel, Luxembourg’s Prime Minister, amid anti-Brexit protests. According to CNN, British officials had requested the conference be moved inside. Officials in Luxembourg responded by saying there was no indoor space that was adequately sized to […]

Pursuing Peace: An End To Violence In South Sudan

After years of violence, major political figures of South Sudan agree to meet to discuss a peace agreement in the country’s capital, Juba. Reik Machar, ex-Vice President of South Sudan and rebel leader for Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) has agreed to meet the country’s current President Salva Kiir to […]

Evo Morales’ Controversial Bid For Fourth Term In Presidency 3

Already the longest-serving democratically elected president in Bolivia, Evo Morales will again run for the presidency in upcoming elections after successfully appealing to the Supreme Electoral Court in November 2017 to remove term limits on presidency within Bolivia. The appeal from the Movement toward Socialism (MAS) party came off the […]