The Underpinnings Of Governance Crises In Latin America

From leftist populism to market-orientated liberalism, governments of each type have been plagued by incompetence, corruption, and a failure to meet social demands, resulting in the recent civil unrest in Latin America. This article will look specifically at Chile and Bolivia, both of which are experiencing mass protests, while functioning […]

The Russian-Ukrainian War And Its Global Implications

On Thursday, July 25, Donald Trump President of the United States engaged in a worrisome phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky, the recently elected President of Ukraine. Formalities dwindled as the conversation progressed, ending with a blunt proposal from the President of the United States. The transcripts of that phone call […]

U.S. Leaves Nearly 600 Troops In Syria After A Sudden Withdrawal

Just a month after the sudden withdrawal of U.S. forces from eastern Syria by the order of President Trump, he has since changed his mind and sent back nearly 600 troops in armed vehicles. This time, however, instead of protecting America’s allies, the Syrian Defense Force, the troops will be […]

Change On The Horizon In Chile 1

Change is on the horizon in Chile. The protests of the past two months embody the culmination of half a century of struggle. Most say that the protests are a direct response to the pitfalls of neoliberal economics which have facilitated widespread economic inequality throughout Chile.  The increased cost of […]

Two Australian Politicians Banned From China Over Criticism Of The CCP 2

Two Liberal politicians have been barred from entering China after they refused to retract criticisms that they had directed at the Chinese government. The two MPs, James Paterson and Andrew Hastie, were due to undertake a “study tour” in China next month, but both have since had their visa applications […]

Samoa’s State Of Emergency And Dangerous Domestic Parallels

This past weekend, on Saturday, 6 November 2019, the Government of Samoa declared a state of emergency. The driving force behind the declaration is measles, which has caused at least six deaths, mostly of infants who are less than two years old, according to an official statement from Samoa’s health […]

Iran Protests: At Least 12 Killed At Unrest Over Petrol Price Rise

Protests erupted in about 100 cities and towns across Iran on Friday after its government announced that the price of petrol was expected to increase by 50%. The petrol price hike is just one of the setbacks Iran has had to face since the Trump administration’s decisions to withdraw from […]

History Of Women’s Rights

Rebecca Adami. Women and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. New York: Routledge, 2019 Review by Shanisha Pillay (52656162) Women and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, emphasize gender equality by illustrating why it is important for women to be specifically included in the Declaration of Human Rights. “This book […]

Is Democracy Always The Correct Answer?

Democracy has had a long history. The experiment first began in Athens, Greece during the Golden Age. The word “democracy” comes from two Greeks words: demos refers to the people, and Kratos means the rule. For a century and a half, all male citizens had equal political rights, enjoyed the […]

Will Oman Talks Signal the Beginning of the End for Hadi’s Rule in Yemen?

Indirect talks between Saudi officials and representatives of the Houthi rebels are being hosted in Oman, as each party seeks a political solution to the near five-year long conflict. These negotiations come just 12 days after the signing of the Riyadh Agreement, which formalised a power-sharing arrangement between the internationally […]