Crisis Index

The Crisis Index offers a central source of information for ongoing crises across the globe. Covering a wide range of crises, the Index provides detailed coverage on issues ranging from long-standing insurgencies, political instability, health crises and diplomatic tensions. Linking closely to Reports produced by our correspondents, the Index offers readers the opportunity to delve deeper into specific regional crises and to expand their understanding of important issues across the globe. The index is structured in a way that offers readers an easy way to expand their understanding of existing crises, as well as outlining the key problems that lead to crises. The Crisis Index is a useful resource for academics, policy makers, diplomats and the public alike.

To capture the complexity of crises, each page provides a detailed overview of the specified crisis, the key actors involved, the dynamics between them and their effect. The Crisis Index also offers comprehensive statistics and facts pertaining to crises, and a timeline of events that frequently tracks ongoing developments. Updated frequently, the Index categorises crises into different regions: Africa, Americas, Asia/Pacific, Europe and the Middle East, as well as having a Global region that encompasses crises such as the recent COVID-19 Pandemic. Carefully designed for a variety of audiences, the Crisis Index is accessible for everyone, everywhere. 

For information on how to become involved in the Index, please visit our Regional Advisers page.


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