Equiterra is a place where all people enjoy the same rights and opportunities, regardless of their gender. “We have found a country that has achieved gender equality!” is the motto with which UN Women has launched a beautiful initiative aimed at girls and boys. It consists of visualizing a nation where there is equality for women and men.

At Equiterra women and girls feel safe walking at night, they all receive equal payment as men for tasks of equal value, and both gender share housework and care. Nobody talks about quotas any longer since men and women are equally represented in political offices, executive meetings, and production plants. Women make the decisions that regard their lives, their bodies, their policies, and their environment on an equal footing. Girls are valued as much as boys, and people of all genders and sexualities feel secure and are treated equally.

The recreational initiative Equiterra is subdivided into sections such as “Unstereotype Avenue,” “Violence-Free Alley,” “Education Boulevard,” “Freedom Avenue,” “Equal Pay Street,” “Equal Representation Avenue,” “Toxic Masculinity Recycling Plant,” and “Inclusion Square,” among others.

According to UN Women, Equiterra has some highlights such as:

  • Diversity is celebrated and not feared, a culture of acceptance dominates the hearts and minds.
  • Domestic violence is a rare occurrence since there are strong laws against it and services to support victims.
  • Gender equality is the norm, the power dynamics between intimate partners are not oppressive or toxic.
  • Minimum wages are set to provide a decent income and there are quality and affordable care available for those who need it.
  • Men and women equally contribute towards a thriving economy and children are happy and healthy.
  • People are not held back by dominant forms of masculinity, and they are happier and mentally healthier than any other society.

In conclusion, in Equiterra, both men and women feel welcome and included. Equiterra is a happy place free from oppressive gender roles, stereotypes, and sexism. At Equiterra everyone is safe and able to enjoy themselves.

Desirée Viteri Almeida
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