Day: January 12, 2021


Equiterra is a place where all people enjoy the same rights and opportunities, regardless of their gender. “We have found a country that has achieved gender equality!” is the motto with which UN Women has launched a beautiful initiative aimed at girls and boys. It consists of visualizing a nation

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Argentina Senate Legalizes Abortion

On Wednesday, December 30, Argentina’s Senate voted to legalize elective abortion. This major shift comes during a push by women’s rights activists throughout Latin America, and is especially notable because of Argentina’s predominantly Roman Catholic population, even being the birthplace of the current Pope Francis. Once the legislation is signed,

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U.S. Senate Backs Massive Arms Sales To U.A.E. After Trump Veto Threat

On 9 December, the United States Senate backed President Donald Trump’s high-tech arms deals to the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), following his veto threat against resolutions seeking to block them. Although introduced by Democratic Senators Robert Menendez, Chris Murphy, and Republican Senator Rand Paul, two procedural votes were mainly partisan,

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