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Ph.D.(c) Law & Political Science [Criminal Law & Criminal Sciences: Violence Against Women, Gender Equality, Women´s Empowerment] Master in Political Analysis & Institutional Consulting Internationalist Political Scientist Lawyer Women’s Rights Advocate

Nemonte Nenquimo: Waorani Female Leader Among The 100 Most Influential People Of 2020

Last week, the Waorani´s celebrated Nemonte Nenquimo´s recognition by the Times magazine. Nemonte is an Ecuadorian indigenous leader and she is the President of the Coordination Council of the Waorani Nationality of Pastaza (Conconawep), she has been chosen among The 100 Most Influential People of 2020 due to her constant […]

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The Pandemic Of Gender-Based Violence

COVID-19 has accentuated pre-existing social, political, and economic inequalities. In particular, women have been disproportionately affected. The pandemic’s immediate effects on gender inequality are present in multiple spheres, ranging from health and education to unpaid care work and gender-based violence. This places several of the past decade’s advances in gender […]

COVID-19, Violence Against Women, And Femicide In Latin America

Restrictions on staying at home, as well as other measures that limit the free transit of people, have caused an increase in gender-based violence in Latin America. For millions of women around the globe, the measures that force them to stay at home to protect them against COVID-19 are otherwise […]

Why Is It Necessary To Have A Gender-Responsive Approach To Face COVID-19?

The emergency derived from COVID-19 is causing specific impacts on women and it is deepening existing gender inequalities. This health emergency is exacerbating structural gender issues, as well as the intersecting dimensions of structural discrimination such as race, class, age, sexual identities, disabilities, migrant status, pregnancy, among others worsening the […]

Unwanted Effects Of The COVID-19 On Violence Against Women

As stated by the World Health Organization, the current global pandemic of COVID-19, has affected the lives of all people regardless of borders. The Coronavirus constitutes a life-threatening illness that has already caused thousands of deaths and has left many people vulnerable, especially in conflict-affected areas. The pandemic has created […]

Covid-19: The Pandemic That Threatens The Entire World

The coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, has spread with impressive speed. For this reason, since Wednesday, March 11, it was declared a pandemic. The pandemic, which emerged in December in China, has completely changed the life of many people around the entire planet. Some people underestimated the dimension of this […]

Women Strike 2020 On International Women’s Day

Every year on International Women’s Day, vast numbers of women around the world march for women’s rights. These strikes have different objectives in every country; in Latin American countries, the strikes were a  protest against sexist violence in all its forms and expressions: sexual, social, cultural, political and economic. To […]

Chhaupadi Practice: A Killer And Dangerous Tradition Against Women

Even in the 21st century, stigmas know no borders and unfortunately, in several countries’ women must face very cruel realities since the world is full of myths that stigmatize menstruation. In many cultures in Asia, being a woman affects the way of life according to the civilization or ethnic group […]

Joaquin Phoenix gives a powerful speech after winning Best Actor Oscar with the movie “Joker”

Last Sunday, Joaquin Phoenix won his first Oscar as Best Actor for his interpretation of the title character, Joker in the film by Todd Phillips. Joker is an extraordinary film that makes visible the importance of mental health and brings awareness about it. Joaquin Phoenix did a brilliant interpretation of […]

Ecuadorian President Urges National Assembly To Reform The Country’s Human Mobility Law

Quito´s citizens were shocked last weekend after finding out about the murder of Mariana Granja, a 68-years-old woman, who died after receiving bullet impacts outside a known shopping center located on Amazonas Avenue, in the north of the capital of Ecuador. The atrocity happened around 2 pm, Mariana was crossing […]

Diego: Galapagos Species-Saving Giant Tortoise Returns Home

Long before the Galapagos National Park was created in 1959, several tortoises were extracted from the Galapagos Islands with scientific purposes. Diego, a giant tortoise over 100 years old native to the Galapagos Island, was one of them. More than 80 years ago, he was extracted from the archipelago to […]

Indian Citizenship Protests

The possible modification of the Citizenship Law in India would grant Indian citizenship to Hindu, Christian, Sikh, Buddhist and Parsi refugees who fled the religious persecution of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh and entered Indian soil before December 31, 2014. This controversial norm has caused conflict and disturbances throughout the country […]