Guillermo Lasso: Winner Of Ecuador’s 2021 Presidential Elections

Sunday, April 11, was an extremely important electoral day for Ecuador since a large part of the country’s future was at stake. Ecuadorians deserved transparent and reliable elections; the mistakes made in the first round simply could not be repeated.

Ecuadorians voted with responsibility demonstrating we are capable of being people with democratic maturity with the capacity to choose wisely. Despite the pandemic, the participation of the Ecuadorian people was important. In general, this vote for the second round was carried out very calmly. In the different precincts, people maintained the appropriate physical distancing, there was a lot of punctuality and the majority of voters reported having been able to exercise their right to vote quickly and without complications.

On the Exit poll, pollster Cedatos reported a possible victory for candidate Guillermo Lasso over Arauz with a 6% margin. On the other hand, the pollster Clima Social declared a technical tie.

These results were unofficial and only the results proclaimed by the National Electoral Council could be taken as valid.

The same night on Sunday, the official results of the second round of the Ecuadorian presidential elections were known. In his third attempt, with great perseverance, Guillermo Lasso was elected the new president of Ecuador. Lasso’s government will have to face multiple challenges, therefore, I hope that he and his entire team will assume a true commitment to the country. Undoubtedly, the health area will be a fundamental pillar to reactivate the country’s economy. In that sense, Lasso must fulfill his campaign promise to accelerate the vaccination plan in his first 100 days in office by vaccinating 9 million Ecuadorians.

Today, I am very happy to see how the electoral process was conducted in Ecuador. The will of the Ecuadorian people, which was expressed at the ballot box, was respected. Without a doubt, in this electoral process, it was important to vote not for ideologies, but causes. My country needs solid proposals that benefit the country and strong leadership that allows us to achieve true development.

Mr. Guillermo Lasso, President-elect of Ecuador, the country counts on you.

Desirée Viteri Almeida
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