Taylor Mackin

Can The U.S. House Jail Those Who Refuse To Comply With Subpoenas?

Threats of jail time for those non-compliant of US House of Representatives subpoenas started Thursday evening after  Rep. Gerry Connolly stated on CNN that the House will take them to court over impeding their Oversight Committee investigation. “We will go to the max to enforce the constitutional role of the […]

More Calls For Safer Schools, Not Well-Armed Teachers In The US

With the increase in school shootings throughout the United States over the last several years and the growing movement of students and parents standing up against gun violence, politicians are trying to catch up. On Wednesday 8 May, Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis signed a controversial Senate Bill just a […]

Why The U.S. Cares About President Trump’s Tax Returns

Early on Wednesday night, U.S. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin informed Congress that his department would not be able to comply with the deadline of the House of Democrats.  This is the latest in the ongoing battle to make Trump’s tax returns public, or at least to allow them to be […]

Are New US Abortion Laws Unconstitutional?

Some political issues in the United State are so controversial and taboo that even those who determine the supreme law of the land don’t want to talk about them. Currently, one of these issues is a woman’s right to access abortion services. Since the historic 1973 Supreme Court decision on […]

No Gay People In Malaysia: The Troubling Comments of The Tourism Minister

Malaysia’s Tourism Minister, Mohammaddin Ketapi, gave comments that support the country’s recently adopted homophobic rhetoric. In a press conference, ahead of the ITB Berlin tourism expo, the German news agency Deutsche Welle reported that Mohammaddin Ketapi said, “I don’t think we have anything like that in our country.” His words […]

New House Resolution Could Block Trump’s Border Wall.

A new House resolution will block Trump’s plans to use around $6 billion in military money for a border wall through his declaration of an national emergency. These are funds that Congress has already denied, on February 13th in the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2019, in which Trump was given […]

The Fate Of The 1,159-page Bipartisan Border Compromise Introduced To The US Congress

A 1,159-page bipartisan border compromise was introduced to the United States Congress late on February 13th to hopefully avert another government shutdown. Within its many pages, the bill called the “Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2019” contains $1.375 billion for building 55 miles of physical barriers  at the U.S-Mexico border, well below […]

Russian Following The U.S. In Abandoning The 1987 Range Nuclear Forces Treaty

On February the 2nd, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced Russia’s abandonment of the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty ( known as I.N.F), only a day after the United States’ announcement of pulling out of the pact. U.S. President Donald Trump had accused Russia of violating the 1987 treaty with “impunity” […]

Netherlands Turns Down Request To Accept 47 Rescued Refugees

On January 19th, a rescue ship run by a German humanitarian group flying a Dutch flag saved 47 refugees from a sinking rubber boat off the Libyan coast. The ship, the Sea- Watch 3, has been docked off the Italian coast for almost two weeks because Italian Deputy Prime Minister […]

Leading Palestinian Activist Wins Payout After Terror Blacklist

Palestinian Activist, Majed Al-Zeer wins $13,000 payout plus legal fees from the high court of London for being placed in the World-Check’s terrorism category. The officially court announcement came early Monday the 21st and Al-Zeer has been removed from the list as well. The leading Palestinian activist was originally placed […]