Author: Peter Zoltan Barker

Fire Destroys 13,000 Tents In Greek Refugee Camp: Several Countries Step Up To Help Whilst The UK Keeps Its Head Down

Lesbos, home to Europe’s largest refugee camp, was swamped by a fire on Tuesday, September 8th leaving 13,000 refugees without shelter. Among them were approximately 4,000 children. The Greek government has requested help from EU and non-EU nations to resettle those who have lost the little they had in the

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Devastating Oil Spill In Mauritius: Is Yemen Next?

A Japanese oil tanker struck a coral reef off the coast of Mauritius on July 25 and has since leaked approximately 1,000 tons of oil, setting back decades of work to restore wildlife surrounding the island. Pravind Jugnauth, the Mauritian Prime Minister, has warned that the ship could well form

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COVID-19 Leaves The Developing World Facing A Sovereign Debt Crisis

Joseph Stiglitz, Noble Prize-winning economist, and Hamid Rashid, Chief of Global Economic Monitoring at the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, recently wrote a report detailing the ‘looming’ debt crisis facing 110 of the world’s poorest countries as a result of the economic fallout from the COVID-19 induced

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Report Uncovers The Murky Relationship Between Major Corporations And American Police Departments

A recent report by the Public Accountability Initiative has divulged information related to two critical issues in contemporary America: the broken policing system and the ever-increasing ability of corporations to buy influence within public bodies. The report reveals that some of the largest American corporations are leveraging their wealth to

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