Peter Zoltan Barker

About Peter Zoltan Barker

Graduate in Politics and History interested primarily in the European Union, East Asian development, and the connection between conflict in the MENA region and the refugee crisis in Europe.

A hand passes money between a businessman (in silhouette) and a group of other shadowy figures.

Report Uncovers The Murky Relationship Between Major Corporations And American Police Departments

A recent report by the Public Accountability Initiative has divulged information related to two critical issues in contemporary America: the broken policing system and the ever-increasing ability of corporations to buy influence within public bodies. The report reveals that some of the largest American corporations are leveraging their wealth to […]

Three stacks of coins. Each has a plant sprig growing out of it.

The Future Of The United Kingdom Economy: A Green New Deal Or A Return To Austerity?

Just over a decade after the 2008 financial crisis, the UK faces a new economic crisis – this time emanating not from de-regulated financial institutions, but the severe economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic. We stand on the precipice with an already fragile economy facing an economic contraction on a […]

USA Leaves The WHO: Draining The Global Swamp Or A Failure To See The Bigger Picture?

President Donald Trump’s use of the World Health Organisation (WHO) to distract from his administration’s tragic handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has come to a head as the United States formally begins the one-year process of withdrawing from the multilateral organisation. Congress was notified by the administration on July 7th […]

EU Attempted To Downplay Report On The Torture Of 16 Refugees By Croatian Officials

The Croatian-Bosnian border has long been subject to criticism surrounding the often-chilling stories of severe human rights infringements inflicted upon refugees who have attempted the crossing. Recent findings from The Danish Refugee Council and The Guardian allude not only to a truly horrific infringement of human rights but also to […]

Damning UN Report Alludes To Thousands Of Extrajudicial Killings In Duterte’s ‘’War on Drugs’’

President Duterte of the Philippines was elected in June 2016 with the promise that he would do everything in his power to crack down on drug-related crime in the country. Now, four years on, the UN has released a detailed report documenting the extrajudicial killings of thousands of people at […]