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About Edwin Wood

Edwin recently graduated from Oxford University with a degree in History. He is interested in understanding global affairs and how they affect people.

Indigenous Leader Murdered Amidst Brazilian Amazon Tensions

A local leader of the Waiãpi indigenous community in the Brazilian Amazon has been murdered amidst ongoing tensions over land usage. Emyra Waiãpi was found with stab wounds near the village of Mairry in Amapá state on 24 July. Three days later an estimated 50 gold miners, known as garimpeiros, stormed […]

Pro-Refugee Politician Murdered By Member Of Far-Right In Germany

A far-right extremist has murdered a German politician known for his pro-refugee stance. Walter Lübcke, 65, was found dead at his home near Kassel, in the Hesse region of Germany, on 2 June. He had been shot by Stephen Ernst, a 45-year-old man with connections to the neo-Nazi group Combat […]

Malaysia and the Philippines: We Are Not The “Dumping Ground Of The World”

Nations in South East Asia are returning imported plastic waste to the various countries of origin. On the 28th of May, the Malaysian environment minister announced that it would send back 3,000 tonnes of waste that was rotting, contaminated or was not actually recyclable and had been deliberately mislabelled. This […]

Tricksters: How The Far-Right Disseminates Its Hatred

In 2015, a white supremacist shot and killed nine African American worshippers at a bible study in Charleston, South Carolina. The attack was uncommon at the time in that the shooter had been radicalised predominantly online. His example has been followed with increasing frequency across the world, and terrorists often […]

Council Of Europe Commissioner Condemns Human Rights Abuses In Hungary 1

The Council of Europe’s Human Rights Commissioner, Dunja Mijatović, has called on Hungarian authorities to take action against widespread human rights abuses. Following a four day visit to Hungary in February, Mijatović released a report on 21 May discussing a wide range of issues – from immigration to gender equality. […]

School Student Murdered For Reporting Sexual Harassment In Bangladesh

Nusrat Jahan Rafi, a 19-year old Bangladeshi school student, has died after having been set on fire for her attempts to fight sexual harassment. She had reported her headteacher to the police for behaving inappropriately. When footage of her testimony, recorded on a police officer’s phone, was leaked to local […]

Arrest Made Following Arson Attacks On Three Louisiana Churches

A 21-year old white man, Holden Matthews, has been arrested for setting fire to three Baptist churches in Louisiana with majority African American congregations. The St. Mary, Greater Union, and Mount Pleasant Baptist churches were burned down successively between 26 March and 4 April. No one was injured, but the […]

Canada Is Warming At Twice The Rate Of The Global Average

A report by Environment and Climate Change Canada has warned that the country faces rising temperatures at a faster rate than the rest of the world. The report, which was released on 1st April by the government organization, details the rise in temperature by 1.7 degrees Celsius in Canada since […]

Eleven Women On Trial For Women’s Rights Activism In Saudi Arabia

On Wednesday the trial of 11 Saudi Arabian women, all of which are women’s rights campaigners, resumed. The group of women was arrested in May last year during a wider crackdown on critics of the Saudi monarchy and have been imprisoned since. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch initially believed […]

Syrian Refugees Seek Justice Against Assad Government In ICC

A bid has been launched with the International Criminal Court (ICC) to prosecute the Syrian government for war crimes, as one of the first credible opportunities for Bashar al-Assad’s government to face retribution for its actions in the Syrian war, which has devastated the country since 2011. Previously, bringing Assad’s […]