Ronit Wineman

Two-Week “Women Wage Peace” Rally Finishes In Jerusalem

The Women Wage Peace Group ended their 2-week long march through Israel with a triumphant rally in Jerusalem, attended by 30, 000 people. The organisation, which boasts a membership of 24,000 women, started their rally in the settlement Sderot in the Negev desert, which is well-known for its proximity to […]

Deaths In Australian Detention Centres Should Make Us Look To The Root Cause

On October 2, 2017, another man committed suicide in the Australian Detention Centre on Manus Island. Staff described the man’s mental illness as “acute” in the months leading up to his suicide. In fact, he had a failed suicide attempt three days earlier. Ian Rintoul of Refugee Action Coalition points […]

New Prime Minister Takes Top Job In Peru

After a crushing vote of “no confidence” in the Peruvian government, Prime Minister Fernando Zavala has stepped down to make way for his successor, Mercedes Araoz. The no-confidence vote passed last week by a 123-4 margin, prompting Zavala to resign along with the 19 members of his cabinet. Though the […]

Liberian Elections: Who, What, And Why?

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is about to step down after 12 years in office, leaving the post to one of the 20 or so candidates vying for the position. Elections are scheduled for the 10th of October and they are expected to pass peacefully. These will be the third round of […]

Alleged Massacre Of Brazilian Tribesmen In The Amazon

Reports are currently being investigated for the murder of tribesmen in the Amazon. Gold miners were overheard in a bar bragging about having killed 8-10 tribesmen and carried a hand-carved wooden paddle and a small food bag which they alleged they had stolen. They reportedly boasted that they disposed of […]

The Legacy Of Sierra Leone’s Mudslides: A Spur To Action?

Even amidst the wreckage left by Hurricane Harvey, the world’s media turned to Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown to report on the devastating mudslides. Pictures of the raw red smear on the mountainside have accompanied tragic accounts of destruction. A survivor spoke to the BBC simply saying ‘I lost everything.’ The […]

Early Election Results In Angola Rejected By Opposition Parties

In the ongoing Angolan elections, opposition parties have rejected the preliminary results. This gave the current ruling party, the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA), 61.05% of the vote, and the next most popular party, the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), just over 20%. […]

Trouble For Belarus As Russia And NATO Deploy Troops

Amongst the ongoing tensions between the U.S. and Russia, Belarusian citizens have drawn the short straw. The limitation on U.S. diplomatic staff in Russia has led to the closure of certain facilities, including the issuing of non-immigrant visas to nationals from outside Russia. Currently, Belarusians must travel to the embassy […]

In The Wake Of Conflict: Are Refugee Camps Fit For Purpose?

With conflicts raging around the world, Syria stands out in sheer scale. The UN estimates that almost 11 million people have been displaced there: 6 million within Syria and a further 4.8 million have fled outside. Their influx to Europe has highlighted the humanitarian crisis to the west and has […]

Mauritania Abolishes Senate In Controversial Referendum

On the 7th of August, Mauritania announced the results of its constitutional referendum, abolishing the Senate. The measures proposed by the current president Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz were approved by 85% of the voters and also included changes to the flag and the national anthem. The indirectly-elected Senate will now […]