Author: Nicoleta Voicu

The Censorship Dilemma: A Necessary Evil?

On December 16, the ex-Soviet state Republic of Moldova, led by the first female president Maia Sandu, decided to temporarily ban 6 television channels for airing “incorrect information” about Moldova and the Russian war against Ukraine. The ban took effect on December 19th and is to last for the duration

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International Youth Day Is Met With Mass Shooting In Montenegro

August 12, International Youth Day declared by the United Nations in 2000, was designed to draw attention to issues surrounding youth around the globe. However, for the youth of Montenegro, August 12, 2022, will always be known as the deadliest mass shooting in the history of Montenegro. The shooting left

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Never-Ending Tensions In Kosovo Spike Again

On July 31st, hundreds of ethnic Serbian protesters blocked access to two crossings towards Serbia by parking trucks, tankers, and other large transport vehicles. This act of defiance comes after the government in Pristina said on Monday, August 1st, that individuals entering Kosovo with Serbian IDs would have to replace

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Hungary’s Anti-LGBT Laws Create A Threatening Environment For Human Rights

In June 2021, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and the National Assembly passed a legislation by 157 votes to one, banning the depiction or promotion of LGBT-related material to individuals under 18. In particular, the law prohibits material that promotes homosexuality or sex reassignment through TV shows and films featuring

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Epidemic Of Violence: Turkish Doctor Murdered Over Treatment Of COVID-19

On July 6th, a cardiologist and his secretary were murdered at Turkey’s Konya City Hospital by a patient’s son. The suspect, Hacı Mahmut Akçay, committed suicide after firing shots at the doctor, Ekrem Karakaya. According to the University of California Berkeley’s Human Rights Center, 2020 saw 1,100 attacks against healthcare

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The Double Standard Of Accepting Refugees In Poland

On June 30, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki announced the completion of Poland’s infamous steel wall stretching along the border with Belarus to stop the flow of illegal migrants trying to enter Poland. The 186-kilometre long and 5.5-meter-high wall was created in response to thousands of migrants crossing into Europe

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