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Lucas is a final year Law (LLB)(Hons) student, and Arts (BA) Graduate, with majors in History, Politics and International Relations, at the University of Newcastle, Australia. He is committed to multilateral diplomacy as a means to peaceful conflict resolution and ending impunity for grave international crimes. Lucas loves to travel, explore the outdoors and can often be found half-asleep on Monday mornings after a weekend of late nights watching the English Premier League.

Serbian-Australian Dragan Vasiljković Sentenced To 15 years Imprisonment In Croatia For War Crimes

Ex-Serbian commander Dragan ‘Captain Dragan’ Vasiljkovic has been sentenced by a Croatian court to 15 years imprisonment for war crimes, including torturing soldiers and murdering civilians during the 1991-95 Croatian War of Independence. The three-judge panel of the municipal court in Split, Croatia, found Vasiljković guilty of two of the […]

Brexit: Britain’s Modern, Dunkirk-Style Evacuation From Europe?

Christopher Nolan’s much-anticipated film ‘Dunkirk’ hit cinemas this week, to widespread critical and popular acclaim. The film plunges viewers into the chaotic race to evacuate the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) from northern France in 1940, as the Nazi Blitzkrieg encircles hundreds of thousands of men and the fall of France […]

Otto Warmbier, North Korea, And Dark Tourism 1

About 2,500 mourners, family members, friends, and supporters gathered to say farewell to Otto Warmbier last Thursday morning at Wyoming High School, Cincinnati, Ohio. Warmbier, 22, returned to the US last week in a coma following 17 months in detention in North Korea, after he was arrested for allegedly attempting […]

UEFA, FIFA And Universal Human Rights: A Greater Role For The World Game?

European football’s governing body, UEFA, will begin to consider human and labour rights in assessing bids to host its EURO competition. Germany and Turkey will compete for the rights to host the EURO 2024 competition, having been provided with a set of UEFA requirements for staging the event, which for […]

President Trump Dismantles US Climate Policy As Thousands Suffer From Natural Disasters

This week saw ex-cyclone Debbie ravage north-eastern coastlines of Australia. An avalanche near the Nasu Onsen ski resort in Japan killed eight and injure 40 more, and flooding and flood-induced landslides in Peru and the Colombian city of Mocoa together killed over 350 people, with many more missing and injured. […]

Extrajudicial Killings And Human Rights Abuses In The Philippines: What Can Australia Do?

In previous weeks, I have discussed the human rights concerns over the ‘war on drugs’ in the Philippines, and how Australia can improve its own human rights record. This report will build on and converge these ideas to investigate how Australia can advocate for and improve human rights in Southeast […]

Towards Peace in Colombia: Rebels Begin Surrendering Weapons

Colombia’s left-wing Revolutionary Armed Forces (FARC) have begun surrendering their weapons as part of the landmark peace agreement struck with the Colombian government late last year. After logistical delays in gathering the rebels at 26 specially designated rural disarmament zones, the six-month demobilisation process was set to begin on Wednesday, […]