Loise Ndegwa

About Loise Ndegwa

Loise Ndegwa is currently a Masters student at the University of Cape Town studying International Relations. She is also a Mandela-Rhodes scholar 2016 Cohort.

From Africa’s Darling To The “Bulldozer“ Of Freedoms: The Story Of President Magufuli Of Tanzania

How did the president of Tanzania, Dr. John Magufuli, go from a president who many saw as a reformer within and beyond the continent to the type of president who advocates for laws that curtail all freedoms in less than three and half years? This is the story of President […]

Most African Countries Are Generally Becoming Less Fragile

The Fragile State Index (FSI) 2019 showed that most African countries are generally less fragile, with slight improvements since previous years. The FSI, published by Fund for Peace, ranks countries based on how different pressures they face “impact their levels of fragility.” The FSI takes into account variables such as […]

Understanding Al-Shabaab Attacks in Kenya

In the last two weeks, al-Shabaab militants have conducted two attacks in Nairobi, Kenya. The first one happened on January, 15th. It was a horrific Dusit suicide bombing and an armed ambush that took lives of 21 people. It was soon followed by explosions at Odeon Cinema that injured two […]

Military Coup In Gabon

The citizens of Gabon woke up on Monday, 7th January to find that the military had staged a coup and ousted President Ali Bongo. According to Lieutenant Kelly Ondo Obiang’s radio and television statements, the military has staged a coup with the intent of “restoring democracy.” He continued to say that […]

Bobi Wine: The Face Of Uganda’s Opposition

Over the past year, MP Robert Kyagulanyi, commonly referred to as Bobi Wine, has been the face of Uganda’s opposition. He has become a fiery opponent of the oppressive Museveni government. As his local support base increases and international support spreads, the Ugandan government has clearly demonstrated they will intentionally and publicly suppress the opposition in the […]

The Jihadist Movement In Mozambique

On Tuesday, 23 October, more than 100 people were arrested in Tanzania, accused of planning to create radicalization camps in Northern Mozambique. This series of arrests is part of widespread security operations in South and East Tanzania. Two weeks before, 189 suspected Islamist militants, including 42 women, began their trials […]

African Political Trends: The Rise In ‘Constitutional Coups’

Comoros president Azali Assoumani is the latest African president to use a constitutional reform to cling to power with an iron fist. The Comoros National Electoral Commission (CENI) announced on 31 July that an overwhelming majority of the country (92.74%) voted for government-backed constitutional reforms that will allow the president […]

Grenade Attack During Rally Held By Ethiopian Prime Minister Results In Casualties

Soon after the Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed of Ethiopia finished his speech on June 23rd at the Meskel Square, a grenade was denoted causing 10,000 supporters to run in fear of their lives. His supporters were eager to hear about his new reformist agenda. As a result of the attacks, […]

The Role Of Youth In Peace And Conflict In Africa

On December 9th, 2015, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) adopted one of the most ground-breaking resolutions in its history; UNSCR 2250 (2015) recognized the need for youths to play an “important and positive role in the maintenance and promotion of international peace security.” UNSCR resolution 2250 identified five key […]

Niger Suffers Yet Another Suspected Boko Haram Attack

At around 10 pm on Monday June 5th, three assailants conducted simultaneous suicide bombing attacks targeting a Koranic school, a Mosque and a shop in Diffa administration in Niger. Conflicting reports are being circulated regarding the identity of the attackers; it was either three women or two women and one […]