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I am currently a student at Bates College studying sociology and education.

Asylum Seekers Jailed In Israel

A first set of asylum seekers has been arrested in Israel after the country’s government made a controversial announcement in November, 2017. The Israeli government broadcasted that they planned to deport around 40,000 African migrants in the country. Those who refused to leave, would face imprisonment for an undisclosed amount […]

The Rise Of Neo-Nazis In Poland: An Epidemic

According to Buzzfeed News and Polish news outlet, Gazeta Wyborcza, neo-Nazis from around the world are planning a multinational music festival in Poland honouring the week of Adolf Hitler’s birthday in April. The event originally came to light in December, when a flyer advertising “a night of identity” was posted on […]

Supreme Court To Hear Case For Third Travel Ban

The Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to hear arguments from both sides for the third and latest installment of President Donald Trump’s travel ban. The ban, first signed in September 2017 after the second version expired, bans individuals from eight countries from entering the United States and […]