Karen Cheung

About Karen Cheung

Karen Cheung is a third year Commerce / Law student at the Australian National University. Her aim, as an OWP correspondent, is to challenge the status quo of resorting to destructive conduct. She wishes to inform individuals by providing them the necessary tools to think critically and offer peaceful solutions.

Displaced From One Tragedy To Another

PNG authorities report that they have removed the 328 men left from the decommissioned Manus Island detention centre to new camps, the last of them being cruelly removed. Peter Dutton, Australia’s Immigration Minister, has confirmed that the centre has now been emptied. Focus points: It is reported that the refugees […]

Death Toll At 72 After Suicide Bombers Target Afghanistan Mosques

Friday prayers on October 20 were interrupted by suicide bombers who struck two mosques in Afghanistan. A Shiite mosque in Kabul and separately, a Sunni mosque in Western Ghor province resulting in the death of at least 72 people. These deaths add to the already troubled nation’s sorrow as the […]

Trump Strikes Again, But Calls For Iran To Stop Ballistic Missiles

The unpredictable Donald Trump, in his attempt to defy other world powers, puts a front to the world by choosing not to certify that Tehran is indeed complying with the Iran nuclear agreement, even going to the extent of terminating it. The update: The U.S. President is projected to announce […]

Is Climate Change A Driver of Humanitarian Crisis Or A Mere Fad?

This report will explore the query as to whether climate change is a driver of humanitarian crises or a mere concurrent phase of the global community social trend. Humanitarian crises occur when a society is unable to effectively adapt with the social, economic and environmental strains upon it and such […]

White House Issues More Travel Restrictions – Including North Korean And Venezuela

The White House will act to prohibit the entry of citizens from North Korea as it implements travels restrictions on various countries namely, Iran, Chad, Libya, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen and Somalia. Key Takeaway: US alleges that North Korean did not meet information-sharing requirements Donald Trump justifies ban to “protect security […]

Has Violence Won Against The Rohingya?

In the past month, approximately 270,000 Rohingya Muslims have fled across the Myanmar border to Bangladesh in an attempt to escape the hostility of Myanmar’s Rakhine state. To date, the UN’s refugee agency reports that these Muslims walked through jungles for days in order to escape brutal treatment, all the […]

How Many Lives Is A Dubai 2.0 Worth?

With the birth of a mega city comes the suffering of many as the Nigerian authorities reveal plans for further growth, development and tourism. Residents of Otodo Gbame woke up on 17 March 2017 to unwanted visitors comprising of helicopters, gunboats and police trucks. Waking up in a slum is […]

U.S. Supreme Court Backs Trump Travel Ban Order

The U.S. Supreme Court has issued approval of President Donald Trump’s motion to implement a ban on refugees entering the country from all corners of the world. Key points of the ban: Relatives of Legal U.S. residents will be exempt from the travel ban. Entry is allowed for refugees if […]

Rohingya Muslims Fleeing Violence In Myanmar Fight For Survival In Bangladesh Refugee Camps

Rohingya refugees fleeing from violence in Myanmar were met with overcrowded camps in Bangladesh, with the number of refugees reaching more than a quarter-of-a-million. The UN has confirmed that since the instalment of Myanmar’s martial law regime on Rohingya insurgents in late August, the refugee count has risen to 270,000 […]

In China We Trust, Hopefully

The world faces a heightened sense of emergency in the wake of the most recent North Korea’s headlining missile launch. In Kim Jong Un’s annual New Year’s address in January, the North Korean leader announced that the country’s race to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile, capable of waging wars, is […]