Nick Jeyarajah

International Alert Sets Peacebuilding Agenda In New Report

International Alert’s new report, Redressing the Balance: Why We Need Peacebuilding in an Increasingly Uncertain World, calls on populations, policymakers, and all international actors to consider peacebuilding as a legitimate and productive policy, both in economic and humanitarian terms. Released on International Peace Day, September 21, the report encourages governments […]

Britain Criticized Over Aid Response To Hurricane Irma

The British government has faced criticism for its response to the effects of Hurricane Irma on its Caribbean territories. Victims on the ground have joined domestic voices airing their concerns over what they perceive to be the slow mobilisation of British forces and limited financial aid sent to the affected […]

International Alert’s Talking Peace Festival To Take Place In London

International Alert, the London-based non-profit organization concerned with conflict resolution and peacebuilding, is preparing to host its annual Talking Peace Festival later this month. The event provides a platform for arts, culture, and discussion surrounding the most pressing issues of conflict and peace in the world today and coincides with World […]

Uzbekistan’s Release Of Former UN Worker A Small Victory In Fight Against State’s Abuses

Uzbekistan has allowed the release of Erkin Musaev after 11 years of imprisonment. Having been charged with high treason in 2006, Musaev is reported to have been the victim of torture and a corrupt judicial system. The release is the latest of some modest concessions enacted by new President Shavkat […]

UK Falling Short In Enforcing Corporate Accountability In Cases Of Human Rights Abuses

According to Amnesty International, the Corporate Responsibility Coalition (CORE), and a parliamentary commission, the government needs to do more to ensure that UK businesses are held accountable for their role in human rights violations across the world where they occur. Reports have found that, though systems of accountability are in […]

President Erdogan’s Purge Continues With Trial Of 500 Military Personnel

The largest single trial since last year’s attempted military coup is underway in Ankara, Turkey’s capital city. Consisting mainly of members of Turkey’s military, the trial is the most recent purge of government institutions and civil society by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. A variety of charges have been mounted against […]

Manchester’s New Engels Statue: A Reflection Of Socialism In Modern Britain Or A Relic Of Soviet Totalitarianism?

A statue of the German philosopher and writer, Friedrich Engels, has been erected in Manchester by British artist Phil Collins as part of his ‘Ceremony’ project for the Manchester International Festival. The arrival of the statue has served to raise questions about the state of socialism in contemporary British politics, […]

The ‘Silent Crisis’ Of Mental Illness Among Asylum Seekers In Europe

A report published by Human Rights Watch (HRW) has brought to light the severity of the psychological traumas being suffered by asylum seekers in the European Union. Suicide attempts, self-harm, aggression, anxiety, and depression were found to be endemic among those contained in camps on Greek islands, particularly among young […]

The Displacement Of Human Rights In The Marawi Conflict In The Philippines: What Are The Causes And Non-Combative Solutions?

Following an outbreak of violence on May 23rd, the population of the city of Marawi and its surrounding areas was subjected to displacement, limited access to essential resources, and in many cases injury and death. Occurring sporadically across Mindanao, the southernmost island of the Philippines, Marawi, has been the epicentre […]