Author: Aya Wietzorrek

The 2020 Climate Ambition Summit: COVID-19 And Guterres Urging The Declaration Of National States Of “Climate Emergency”

On Saturday 12 December 2020, at the Climate Ambition Summit, UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres called upon world leaders to declare national states of “climate emergency” to increase and speed up climate change mitigation and adaptation efforts, until carbon neutrality is reached. In the 2015 Paris Agreement, all parties (195

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The Erosion Of Women’s Rights: Poland’s Constitutional Court Strips Women Of Reproductive Rights, Resulting In The Largest Protests In Decades

On October 22nd, Poland’s Constitutional Tribunal outlawed all abortions linked to fetal defects, one of the only abortion scenarios previously permitted and the most common reason for abortion in the country. This ruling has devastating consequences for women’s rights and violates Poland’s international human rights obligations. It has resulted in

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China Accused Of Human Rights Abuses Against Uighur Muslims By The U.K.

On July 19th, the U.K. Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, accused China of “gross and egregious” human rights abuses against its Muslim Uighur population, an ethnic minority in the western province of Xinjiang. Raab stated that sanctions against those responsible cannot be ruled out. Since 2018, concerns have been raised of

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