Daily Archives: May 18, 2020

Trump Repudiates Fauci’s Warning On Reopening American Schools

Cautionary Advice Amidst Relaxing Coronavirus Measures Donald Trump has expressly rejected the cautionary advice of Dr Anthony Fauci regarding the reopening of the American education system. Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and a member of the White House task force. Following […]

Aden Declared An ‘Infested’ City As Yemen Faces COVID-19

Earlier this week, Aden, the “interim seat of the Saudi-backed government”, was declared an “infested city”, reports Reuters. The World Health Organization (WHO) stated that there is “full-blown transmission of the virus in Yemen, with the disease spreading undetected among a population with some of the lowest levels of immunity […]

On The International Day Against Homophobia, Biophobia And Transphobia, UN Calls For Unity

May 17th is recognised globally as the ‘International Day Against Homophobia, Biophobia and Transphobia’ (IDAHOT). This year marks the 15th annual celebration; the first time it was celebrated was in 2005. The date of May 17th itself is significant; it commemorates the 1990 decision of the WHO to declassify homosexuality […]