Daily Archives: May 29, 2019

Afghanistan’s Silent Killer: Child Malnutrition

A recent UNICEF report has highlighted the damaging effects of malnutrition on children. Ongoing violence, a brutal drought and rampant poverty have left two million children suffering from malnutrition, 600,000 of which likely face death without external support. “We are the sole provider of treatment for severe acute malnutrition,” said […]

Refugee Suicide Attempts Spike On Manus Island Following Australian Election Results

At least 14 refugees on the island of Manus, Papua New Guinea (P.N.G.), have attempted suicide or committed self-harm. This comes amidst growing desperation following the surprise re-election of Australia’s conservative government on May 18th. The victory of Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s Liberal-National coalition defied months of opinion polling  indicating […]

Children of IS Fighters Held in “Secret Detention Facilities”

Information acquired by the UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR) suggests that children whose fathers fought for the Islamic State militant group, are likely being held in “secret detention facilities”and unidentified “settlements” away from their mothers. The intelligence, (the sources of which the UN has not disclosed) suggests that authorities in […]

Trump Administration To Grant Pardons For Military War Crimes

United States President, Donald Trump, said that his administration is considering pardons for two or three American soldiers convicted of war crimes committed in Iraq and Afghanistan. According to The New York Times, the Trump Administration reportedly made requests for expedited reports on the paperwork required to issue pardons including […]

Scott Morrison Declares Victory In Tight Australian Election

On 18 May, 2019, Scott Morrison declared a conservative victory in what became a shockingly close election in Australia. According to Aljazeera, Morrison’s conservative Liberal-National coalition surpassed the latest exit polls that indicated Bill Shorten’s Labor coalition would secure the government handedly. On 22 May, BBC News reported that with […]