Daily Archives: February 23, 2019

Sustainability Development Goal 6

“Ensuring availability, managing resources and providing sanitation and water for all” is an unrealistic goal, demonstrated through a wide range of perspectives; economic, natural and socio-political. Water is essential for all life as humans, being made up of 85% water, can only go three days without water before dying from […]

U.S Sought To Rush Through Nuclear Technology Sale To Saudi Arabia

After multiple whistleblowers came forward, the U.S House Oversight and Reform Committee have released a staff report which shows that the White House has been seeking to fast track the sale of nuclear technology to Saudi Arabia. Not only has the White House has sought to proceed with the sale […]

North Korea Considering Vietnamese Styled Reforms

Recently, speculation unveiled upcoming meetings between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in Vietnam. The two parties seek to finally resolve disagreements involving nuclear production and trade disputes. Furthermore, spokespersons noted rumors involving Kim Jong-un’s interest in rearranging the economic system upon which North Korea revolves. […]

Trump In No Hurry For North Korea To Denuclearize 1

While speaking to reporters at a White House event on 19 February, President Donald Trump made clear that he wants North Korea to end its nuclear program. Shortly after, however, Trump added that he has “no pressing time schedule” for denuclearization. The only condition he imposed on North Korea was […]

With Ukraine Continuing to Move West, Tensions with Russia Likely to Escalate

This week, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko signed constitutional amendments setting Ukraine’s national objectives to join the EU and NATO by 2023. These long-term objectives are symbolic as the amendments do not move Ukraine closer to membership but commit the country towards both. To be considered for membership, the EU insists […]