William Vickers

About William Vickers

Will is currently in his final year of studying a double degree in International Relations (specialising in International Security) and Business at the ANU.

Is Foreign Aid Actually Creating Development?

Living in a first world country many Australians are lucky enough to never have to encounter problems associated with underdevelopment. We generally have enjoyed a prosperous economic environment since the 1990’s. We have strong, efficient, and effective democratic governance institutions allowing civil society to enjoy the many liberties we tend […]

What To Do With North Korea?

Since the Kim family have ruled over North Korea, the country has been the black sheep in the international political sphere. The communist country has adopted quite an isolationist posture and propagated a domestic ideology that enemies, constantly threatening its survival, surround the country. And while relations between North Korea […]

America Gains Support In Facing North Korean Defiance

Early Sunday morning, an alleged Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) was launched in Sinpo, located on North Korea’s east coast. The missile didn’t get far, with reports indicating that the missile blew up on take off. However, the missile launch comes just one day after the massive military parade in Pyongyang, […]

South Sudan Buying Guns Rather Than Butter

Late last month, the South Sudanese government and three United Nations agencies declared that famine had hit two counties in South Sudan. The direct result of the prolonged civil war and an entrenched economic crisis has continued to ravage the war-scarred East African nation. When the crisis was announced, more […]