Aishwarya Sahai

About Aishwarya Sahai

Partnership Director at The Organization for World Peace, Aishwarya completed her BA at the University of Toronto in Political Science and History. She is currently a Research Analyst with the NATO Association of Canada and will be continuing her education with a Masters in International Conflict and Security in Brussels this Fall.

The Mediterranean Graveyard

On Sunday April 19th, 700 refugees drowned in the Mediterranean as a 20-meter vessel capsized. So far, in 2015 alone, there has been a confirmed 1,500 deaths at sea. In 2014, more than 3,000 refugees perished in the Mediterranean. The passage has become a graveyard – a humanitarian disaster. According […]

Chemical Attacks in Syria Continue

The evolution of warfare has become extremely controversial. Armies have changed their way of fighting from soldier-to-soldier combat to a dismissive attitude toward civilian lives. This type of indiscriminate warfare is no more visible than in the case of civil war, where the lines between civilians and military persons are […]