Author: Sophia Seemann

Displaced Syrians Expected To Struggle With Winter Ahead

On December 2nd, the United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator told the Security Council that over three million displaced Syrians will be “particularly vulnerable” in what is increasingly looking like it will be a tough winter. Ramesh Rajasingham, Acting Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs, said this year’s snow and cold are

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Food Insecurity In Yemen: Revisiting The Stockholm Agreement

On Friday, the World Food Programme (WFP) issued alerts on Yemen’s continuing battle against famine in the country. In the war-torn country, UN humanitarians are seeing children suffering and are at the risk of dying due to malnutrition if they do not receive health care immediately.  There are about 360,000

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The UN Chief Urges Armenia And Azerbaijan To End Fighting Over Nagorno-Karabakh Territory Immediately

The United Nations chief has expressed that he is “extremely concerned” over the eruption of conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh territory. Following violence that escalated on September 27th, at least 23 people were killed over the dispute between the former Soviet Union states. António Guterres, the

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UN Accuses Maduro Of Human Rights Abuses

The United Nations Humans Rights Council has “grounds to reasonably believe” that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has made orders on “crimes against humanity,” says a 411-page report released last Wednesday. The report concluded that the authoritarian president, his inner circle, and the state have nearly 3,000 cases against them since

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