Author: Nina Forgwe

US, Somalia Launch New Chapter in Diplomatic Relations

Twenty-five years after pulling out its diplomatic mission from Somalia, the United States has filled a diplomatic void by swearing in an ambassador to Somalia. Ambassador Stephen Schwartz took his oath in Washington, following his Senate confirmation in May. The new Ambassador will be taking over from James Bishop who

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Suicide Bombers Target Island Market in Chad

Attacks in Koulfoua (on the Chadian side of Lake Chad) have killed dozens and wounded over a hundred more after three female suicide bombers detonated their bombs in the Market area of the island. Two of the blasts rang out from the centre of the market and a third in

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Rape And Cannibalism In South Sudan: The African Union Report

A new report from the African Union (AU) has brought to light the scale of atrocities committed during South Sudan’s 22-month civil war.  These charges include rape, gender-based violence, torture, mutilation and in many cases forced cannibalism. The African Union’s report lays bare evidence which contradicts the government’s claim that

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Congo goes to the polls to decide on changing the Presidential Term Limit: A New Central African Trend?

Recently, there has been a second political action in favour of extending presidential term limits in the Central African region as President Denis Sassou Nguesso of Congo (Brazzaville), who has already served three decades in power, seeks another presidential term. The Congolese constitution currently bars the 72-year-old from running again

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United States Re-Opens Diplomatic Relations with Somalia

In a bid to re-establish normal relations with the Government of Somalia, the United States has reopened its diplomatic mission with the Eastern Africa nation, which continues to battle Islamic extremist rebels. Due to the tenuous security situation in the Somali capital of Mogadishu, the U.S. mission for Somalia will

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The Malian Crisis: Let’s Go There

When the separatists led by Tuareg tribesmen and the pro-government platform militias in Mali signed the U.N. sponsored peace accord earlier in June, which aimed at pacifying the north and allowing the Malian army to focus on tackling Islamist militants in the country, there was a ray of hope as

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