Nadia Colon

The U.S. and Mexico: A Potential Trade Dispute

On 30 May, President Trump announced that the United States would begin issuing a 5% tariff on all Mexican imports, effective 10 June. This threat of tariffs is an ultimatum to the Mexican government to stop the inflow of immigration into the U.S., which mostly comes from Central America. According […]

Alabama Attempts To Pass Anti-Abortion Bill 2

On Tuesday, April 30, 2019, an abortion bill titled the Human Rights Prevention Act was passed by Alabama’s House of Representatives. The bill would make almost all abortions illegal and even charge doctors who perform abortions with at least 10 years in prison. The bill passed the House with 74 […]

Trump Cuts Aid To Northern Triangle Nations

On Friday, March 29th, President Trump cut all aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, the three countries that make up the Northern Triangle. According to Mr. Trump, these cuts were made because of the influx of migrants heading toward the United States. This plan will only lead to worsening […]

Marriott International Fighting Human Trafficking

Marriott International has partnered with Polaris, an organization devoted to combating modern-day slavery, in order to train staff to spot human trafficking in all their hotels. This is a much-needed move to help combat modern-day slavery, a heinous crime which affects millions of people in every country around the world. […]

Russian Court Sentences Jehovah’s Witness To 6 Years In Prison 3

A Danish Jehovah’s Witness, Dennis Christensen, was sentenced to six years in prison by the Russian Court system on charges of “organizing a banned extremist group”. Russia’s Supreme Court had banned Jehovah’s Witnesses back in April of 2017, and labeled the religious group as an extremist organization. Many human rights […]

EPA Will No Longer Regulate Chemicals In Water Supply 1

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will no longer be regulating Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) or Perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) chemicals in drinking water, chemicals which when consumed have been linked to cancer and other illnesses. The EPA is instead drafting the chemicals under the Superfund, which would force polluters into cleaning up […]

Australia’s Animals Reveal the Effects of Climate Change

Australia’s animal life has revealed the disastrous effects of climate change as a heat wave rages over the nation. Australia heat wave in its South East region has had areas in the north of Adelaide reaching 49 Degrees Celsius (120 Degrees Fahrenheit). Unsurprisingly, the heat wave and drought have caused […]

The Zimbabwe Government Shuts Down Internet Again In The Wake Of Protests

This week the Government of Zimbabwe, led by President Emmerson Mnangagwa, ordered Econet Wireless Zimbabwe to shut down all internet access for the second time. Mnangagwa took these actions in response to mass protests around Zimbabwe. Citizens around the country are protesting the government doubling the price of gas. Many […]

Nicolás Maduro Sworn In As Venezuelan President For Second Term

President Maduro has been sworn into his second term as President of Venezuela following what many believed to be a rigged election last May. The citizens of Venezuela were angered over the change of election dates from December to May, inhibiting citizens from making it to the polls. There is […]

Sajid Javid Declares A Crisis In The U.K. Channel

During the Christmas period, 40 individuals in northern France attempted to cross the Channel by boat, prompting Home Secretary Sajid Javid to label the incidents as a crisis. The number of migrants who have attempted to cross the channel into England since the start of November is estimated at 239. Sajid […]