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Politics and International Relations graduate working in the charity sector, curious about and impassioned by international affairs and domestic politics.

Migrant Workers Building World Cup Stadium In Qatar Unpaid For Seven Months

Amnesty International last week revealed that up to 100 migrant workers employed by design and construction company Qatar Meta Coats (QMC) have been working on a construction project for a FIFA World Cup stadium in Qatar without pay for the last seven months. The workers have also not had their […]

Cobalt Miners In The Democratic Republic Of Congo Report Mandatory On-Site Confinement During COVID-19

Human rights organizations have come together this week to express concern for cobalt miners in the Lualaba and Haut-Katanga provinces in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) following reports of on-site confinement policies. To stay operational during COVID-19, at least six Congolese mining companies have been reported as being under […]

Poverty And Protest In Lebanon: A Nation On The Edge

Lebanon is currently experiencing the worst economic crises of its history. Rampant inflation coupled with growing unemployment have thrown almost half the population below the poverty line, according to government figures. Increasingly concerning are the  COVID-19 lockdown measures, which are putting millions at risk of going hungry, exacerbating an already […]