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An international student in Canada, interested in the topics concerning humanity, feminism, and equal access to education for all.

Is Peace Achievable In Yemen? Weapon Deals, Military Show And Child Soldiers

With the approaching of March, Yemen has been in the civil war between the previous Yemeni government and Houthi rebels for more than four years. Over the last year, it is estimated that over 685,000 people were forced to leave the country from Hodeidah, where it borders the Red Sea. […]

After The Election, Where Is Bangladesh Heading?

In the 21st-century the economy of Bangladesh has witnessed a tremendous change. Once a low-income country, Bangladesh is now ranked 41st within the world economy, taking the second place in South Asia (India currently being first). It is believed that the growth will continue and that  Bangladesh will become the 24th […]

Language Revitalization: Not Only Words

Language is one of the most fundamental means of human expression and arguably shapes human civilisation more than anything else. The role it plays in conveying culture and history is essential, and the study of language itself is also invaluable in helping to understand ourselves. However, with colonisation in previous […]

Poverty Vs. Pollution, Economy Vs. Ecosystem: Landfill Problem Around The Globe

The World Count estimates that over 2.12 billion tons of waste are produced around the world per year. The question of how to cope with that huge amount of trash has become a global issue. Aside from the obvious environmental pollution that waste creates, it also generates internal disagreements and conflicts […]

Half A Degree Increase In Temperature, A Big Challenge For All

Last Sunday, the Intergovernmental Panel on climate change was held in South Korea. The document that was issued by the panel declared the actions that will be initiated to protect the environment and the survival of species, specifically in relation to the current increase in temperature. Taking steps to prevent […]

Can An International Consensus Be Reached Over The Issue Of Iran And Syria?

On Monday, October 1st, Iran launched a series of ballistic missiles aimed at Syrian militants. It is believed that The Revolutionary Guard of the Islamic Revolution in Iran blames Syria for an assault on a Military Parade that took place on September 22nd.  The missile launch was broadcast by Iranian […]

Macedonia Name Dispute: Small Change, Big Issue

The name is what represents a person, and it is the same case when it comes to a country. It decided how its citizens identify themselves as well as their culture. But to change the name of a country that has existed for over 30 years means a lot of […]

Brazil National Museum Fire, A Farewell To Heritages

Culture artifacts, ancient fossils, and other irreplaceable collections were carried in the hand of firefighters. With the dark scorch marks that left by the flame, they look like coffins instead of the precious exhibits. The atmosphere is like a funeral, the funeral of the museum that records the 10-thousand-year history […]

Inflation, Migration, And The Venezuela Crisis

At 5:31 p.m. Tuesday, August 22, a 7.3 magnitude earthquake hits southern Venezuela. Though no immediate victim or damage was reported, the natural disaster raised a sense of tension in the country. Since the oil price drop in 2014, Venezuela, whose economy largely dependent on its oil resource, suffered from […]

Mass Shootings Raise Concerns About Public Safety In Canada

In the sorrowful evening of 22nd July, 2018 on Danforth Ave., Toronto, 15 innocent citizens became the victims of the firearm. Two girls, age 10 and 18, lost their young lives and the police reported that the gun used in the shooting was obtained illegally. On August 10th, in the […]