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Emily is studying a Bachelor of Arts at UNSW, majoring in Development Studies and International Relations.

Jose Ramos-Horta Criticises Prosecution Of Witness K And Bernard Collaery 2

Former Timor-Leste president Jose Ramos-Horta has called upon the Australian government to drop the prosecution against former Australian Secret Intelligence Services (ASIS) Agent, Witness K, and his lawyer, Bernard Collaery. Ramos-Horta joins a chorus of human rights organizations and activists to condemn the case, including Human Rights Watch and the […]

When It Comes To International Development Assistance, Is Money The Answer?

On the week of May 28, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) celebrated OECD Week. The event aimed to promote ‘collaboration’ and ‘co-creation’ amongst states. However, the persistence of global inequality prompts questions concerning the success of official development assistance (ODA), as defined by the OECD as ‘flows […]

Cuba Announces “Operation Meteor”

As reported by state-sponsored media network Telesur, Cuba has announced the establishment of “Operation Meteor.” The operation, to be introduced on May 19 and 20, aims to “aid the island in preparing for … possible natural disasters.” Telesur reports that the program will seek to provide “civilian first aid-training” and […]

Considering South African Expropriation

On February 28th, the South African parliament voted in favour of a motion that would amend the Constitution to allow the expropriation of white-owned land. Whilst expropriation, being the requisitioning of property by a state for public use or benefit, is inherently entwined with controversy, this particular instance differs, as […]