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About Charlotte Owens

I am currently studying a Bachelor of International and Global Studies at the University of Sydney, Australia. Apart from my passion for international affairs, I also represent Australia as an elite rhythmic gymnast and am definitely a bibliophile. I particularly love learning about the United Nation's work and have a strong interest in European history and current events.

Sweden Leads Political Thought With A Feminist Foreign Policy

Sweden’s announcement of a foreign policy with deeply entrenched feminist values is a positive response to the changing world order and Russia’s antagonism in the European sphere. Alongside Switzerland, Sweden is famously the epitome of neutrality in foreign affairs, which complements its unwavering support for international law. Swedish Foreign Minister […]

Why Waleed Aly Prioritises Forgiveness

  In yet another week of horrific terrorist attacks in Munich and Kabul, Waleed Aly has responded to the violence with a message of forgiveness rather than fear. Following Sonia Kruger voicing her support for the prohibition of Muslim immigration in Australia, Aly broadcasted his opinion of the highly sensitive […]

Debunking Myths About The ICC In Africa

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has, perhaps, attracted more negative media coverage than ever in the passing years, due to its supposed bias in African cases. However, the promotion of peace and prevention of conflict worldwide remains the priority of the world court, as has come to light this week. […]

Ukrainian journalist prompts outpouring of sexual abuse stories

Ukrainian journalist Nastya Melnychenko recently exposed the numerous incidences of sexual abuse that Ukrainian and Russian women have suffered behind closed doors. Melnychenko’s post on Facebook this week revealed her own personal experiences of sexual harassment, commencing when she was just six years old. Since her post on social media, […]

The Divergence Of French Politics In The Light Of Brexit

The consequences of the Brexit have already begun to impact European domestic politics, most prominently in France. With the 2017 French presidential election recently appearing in international news headlines, the future of France’s relationship with the European Union remains to be contested. The future of Paris, in light of the Brexit, […]

Positivity Reigns Supreme on International Day In Support of Victims of Torture

The protection of human rights has been prominently featured on the international agenda since the end of World War II and the creation of the United Nations in 1945. Although crimes against humanity and war crimes characterised Cold War proxy conflicts and the humanitarian crises of the 1990’s, human rights […]

Refugee Camps Increasingly Controlled By Human Traffickers

  We naively think that we understand everything about the current refugee crisis that encapsulates Europe and the Middle East. Yet, the publication of UNICEF’s most recent report suggests otherwise, reminding the public that the refugee crisis is possibly even more complicated than we realized.   UNICEF, the United Nations […]

Ambiguous International Law Contributes To The Armenians’ Denial Of Justice

Germany’s recent recognition of the 1915 Armenian Genocide has re-ignited Turkey’s fierce, historic denial of the allegation. Yet, Turkish dissent highlights a deeper issue within international law, as vague definitions continue to undermine compliance and enforcement efforts. The persecution of Christian Armenians in World War I has led to highly […]

Refugee Olympic Team Shining A Light On The Refugee Crisis

  Sport and international issues should theoretically have little in common, yet the establishment of the first Refugee Olympic Team suggests otherwise. This historic decision is more significant than the political controversies and anti-Semitic policies of the Berlin Olympics in 1936 and the UN’s disapproval of Serbia’s participation in the […]

Gender Equality: Where Are We Now?

Gender equality has drifted in and out of political dialogue for decades. The contentious issue seems to get repeatedly sidelined, yet what most world leaders fail to understand is that it is the root cause of a multitude of contemporary, global problems. Peace without gender equality is impossible. Since it […]