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I am a postgraduate student in the defence and security sector. I enjoy taking part in forecasting analysis competition's and being outdoors: climbing, mountain biking or hiking.

A Look Back At The Haitian Earthquakes Legacy Of Aid

The magnitude 7.0 earthquake that shook Haiti in 2010 devastated the poor Caribbean nation already crippled by decades of political instability. The François and Jean-Claude Duvalier’s dictatorships, followed by a mixed bag of corrupt, inefficient government coup d’états and rising poverty, stripped any political stability that would have ensured continued […]

Mexico’s Escalation On The War On Drugs

It seems that President of Mexico Andrés Manuel López Obrador has already recognized the systemic failure of his ‘ Hugs not Bullets’ campaign that made international headlines and brought condemnation from security experts and Mexico’s deep-pocketed American backers. The question now remains how a government whose most notable international effort […]

The Impact Of Mexico’s “Hugs Not Bullets” Campaign

Despite Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s best efforts to combat the cartel influence through peaceful means, the continuing rise in deaths and the shocking rise in cartel displays of power has meant that the policy of de-escalation and appeasement, that the President’s 2018 electoral policy “Hugs, not Bullets” was based […]

PMC’s In Libya

The rise in grey warfare through the utilisation of Non-state Actors and Private Military Contractors (PMC) has both lowered the barriers of entry for waging war, to wealthy non-state actors and militarily or economically weaker nations so by providing a sense of impunity through deniable action to larger nations seeking […]

Initial Causes of United States-Iranian Escalation

Tensions between Iranian backed political organizations and the United States escalated on Monday the 30th of December after the US launched drone attacks on members of the Kataib Hezbollah in Iraq and Syria in what is described by a senior US state department official as a “defensive action”. This attack […]

Sudanese Peace Talks Progress To The Next Stage

The Sudanese government has extended a major ceasefire agreement with the Sudan Revolutionary Front (SRF) which may mark the beginning of the end for fighting that has ravaged the impoverished Sudanese people since 1983. The treaty, initially signed early September, aimed at creating a diplomatic path for the integration of […]

Daesh’s Resurgence Along The Turkey-Syria Border.

The Turkish offensive on the 9th of October 2019 against the Kurdish Syrian Defence Forces (SDF), called “Operation Peace Spring” has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the Rojava region in Northeast Syria. The Turkish government has given direct and indirect support to senior ISIS members since Ankara’s invasion and greatly […]

Turkey Backing Jihadist Militias

The offensive perpetrated by the Turkish Military Forces against the Kurdish Syrian Defense Forces (SDF) launched on 9 October 2019 has exacerbated the humanitarian crisis in the region and given extensive support to Islamic militias. Since this invasion, various news organizations have reported that the Turkish effort to create a […]