Day: July 8, 2021

Transnistria, The Invisible Country

In terms of borders, the 20th century was convoluted and messy. The wars and falling empires brought arbitrary line-drawing on the world’s map and acted as a genesis for many of today’s geopolitical problems. One major event that shuffled Europe’s frontiers was the fall of the Soviet Union. Upon its

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Taliban Makes Territorial Advances In Afghanistan

Recently, large-scale fighting in Afghanistan has resumed as the Taliban has made major gains in territorial control. According to NBC News, the Taliban now control roughly a third of Afghanistan, while another 42% of Afghan territory is currently embroiled in a conflict between government forces and Taliban insurgents. In an

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Ethiopian Airstrike Hits Market, Killing 64 People

On Tuesday, June 22nd, an Ethiopian airstrike hit a market in the village of Togoga, killing at least 64 people and injuring at least 180.  According to local witnesses, the bomb hit the market at roughly 1 P.M. local time. Ethiopian military officials claim they were targeting Tigray military personnel,

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