Daily Archives: August 25, 2020

Climate Change, COVID-19, And Violent Displacement In Burkina Faso

In Burkina Faso, recent reports released by national authorities have highlighted a surge in the number of people displaced from their homes in the last year. In total, a combination of a changing climate and escalating violence amid COVID-19 has seen a record one million Burkinabé internally displaced over the […]

International Safety Concerns Of Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine

Last week Russia announced the approval of its coronavirus vaccine – Sputnik V – with intentions to distribute it domestically by the end of the month. Despite seeming a success amidst a world-wide pandemic, the international community has responded with concerns over the vaccine’s safety. This has largely been due […]

Syria Hit With Another Blackout After Suspected Terror Attack Targets Key Pipeline.

A nationwide electricity blackout is affecting Syria after a suspected terrorist attack targeted an oil pipeline in the Damascus region, Al Jazeera reports. The blast happened on Sunday evening and caused an electricity blackout that covered most of the country. The Ikhbariya TV channel showed large plumes of smoke from […]