Daily Archives: June 23, 2020

Addressing The Reality Of Police Brutality In The U.K.

The murder of George Floyd by the Minnesota Police department on the 25th May 2020, sparked both nationwide and worldwide protests against racism and the ongoing crisis of police brutality. George Floyd’s tragic murder is tragically, and abhorrently, another example of how black people are failed by the very systems […]

Anger Flare Up Among Indian Protesters Amid Border Clash With China

A surge of resentment crests across India as the nation grapples with the death of 20 soldiers following a high-altitude violent face-off along India’s disputed border area. The deadly incident has enraged many Indian protesters, calling for a boycott of Chinese products by shouting “Boycott China! Boycott China!” as a […]

Migrant Workers Building World Cup Stadium In Qatar Unpaid For Seven Months

Amnesty International last week revealed that up to 100 migrant workers employed by design and construction company Qatar Meta Coats (QMC) have been working on a construction project for a FIFA World Cup stadium in Qatar without pay for the last seven months. The workers have also not had their […]

U.S. Protests Bring Brazil Racial Inequality To The Fore

U.S. protests trigger outcry about racial discrimination globally. Under this trend, being a country with enormous disparities among races, Brazil is criticised for violating black people’s human rights during the pandemic. The disproportionate death toll of black people is the most recent evidence of Brazil’s racial inequality. According to the […]