Daily Archives: February 27, 2020

Chhaupadi Practice: A Killer And Dangerous Tradition Against Women

Even in the 21st century, stigmas know no borders and unfortunately, in several countries’ women must face very cruel realities since the world is full of myths that stigmatize menstruation. In many cultures in Asia, being a woman affects the way of life according to the civilization or ethnic group […]

Platform Capitalism

Platform capitalism creates further social divide and inequality in our society, particularly within issues of information distribution, privacy and algorithmic bias. Platform capitalism is disproportional, negatively impacts the poorer subsets of our populations – especially people of minority backgrounds – and is manipulated by corporations and people in positions of power. As a […]

The New Space Race

According to the RIA news agency, the Russian Foreign Minister, Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov, made a statement on Monday saying the United States’ plans to deploy weapons in space would have a devastating effect on the current security balance in space. He also stated that Russia does not have plans to […]