Day: November 12, 2019

The Politics of Labelling the NRA ‘a Domestic Terrorist Organisation’

Terrorism is arguably a political construct which encompasses dynamic interests that change over time. With international terrorism being at the forefront of counter-terrorism policy-making, currently, there is no specific federal crime covering acts of terrorism within the U.S. that are not linked to officially designated international terrorist organisations. However, ideologically

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Police Units Join Anti-Government Protests In Bolivia

Multiple police units have joined the anti-government demonstrations in Bolivia, which began after allegations that President Evo Morales’ re-election on October 20th was under fraudulent pretences. Tens of thousands of Bolivians have participated in protests demanding that Morales resigns. Three people have died, and at least three hundred people have

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Proposed Legislation To Restrict Civil Society In Mongolia

In a move that mimics recent acts by Russia, Poland and Hungary, the Mongolian government is preparing to debate proposed legislation that will allow government oversight of non-government organisations (NGOs). As reported by The Washington Post’s Aubrey Menarndt, the legislation requires the creation of a Civil Society Development Council, which

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