Day: March 12, 2018

Beijing’s Aggressive Anti-Migrant Campaign

This winter, forcible evictions in China’s capital have intensified. After an apartment fire killed 19 people in November, the government launched an aggressive campaign to destroy unauthorized and unsafe structures. Entire neighbourhoods in Beijing have since been demolished, forcing eviction upon tens of thousands of residents. The campaign is so

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Migration Crisis: Venezuelan Exodus Strains Colombia

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has suspended the issuing of temporary visas to Venezuelan refugees in an effort to slow down the surge of people seeking safety in the neighbouring country. The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Venezuela has forced over half a million of its citizens into Colombia over the

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Fears Rise As Ex-Spy’s Poisoning Links Back To The Kremlin

New tensions rise this week as critical information is bought to light regarding the attempted murder of former Russian spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia Skripal as U.K. evidence points back to activities of the Kremlin. The poisoning, which occurred on Sunday 4th of March in Salisbury city, took

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