Yellow Vest Protests In France Continue

What is happening in France?

For the past three weekends in a row, France has had to endure a substantial protest against its economic policies. Indeed, a 20% increase in the fuel prices since 2018 started was one of the major triggers for the protests that began on November 17th. In addition to the increase, President Emmanuel Macron recently announced a planned tax increase on the fuel prices. The protesters took to the streets wearing yellow jackets for visibility thus earning them the name “Les gilets jaunes,” which translates to “the yellow vests”. To make their voices heard, the protesters burned statues, engaged in clashes with the police, and blocked off roundabouts.

Government response

To curb the rising protests, the government of France was forced to cancel its plans. However, the protests were not only about the fuel prices but also about politics and leadership under President Macron. The protestors also demanded increased salaries, higher wealth distribution, increased minimum wage, and higher social security payments. All these demands were some of the promises that Macron made during his campaign for the presidency last year. His campaign promised a new world order that meant a better France. However, to this day, nothing of substance has been done, which is why the protests are bound to stay for a while.

Ferdinand Bada
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