Will Sudan Protests Accept The Call Of The Ruling Military Council To Discuss Immediate Transfer Of Power To The Transitional Civilian Council

Sudan’s protests are still yet to come to a consensus with the ruling council. This is because even after disposing of Omar al-Bashir, the ruling military has not met the protesters’ demands to form a new interim civilian council and disband the transitional military council. The ruling council said that they are ready to discuss the transition and meet with all the coalitions that are behind the demonstrations.

The Sudan Professional Association (SPA) have said that they are still in fear. They feel that the ruling council intends to hold on to power or leave much of the Omar al-Bashir regime intact. The leaders of the demonstrations are pressuring the council to put an end to repression and economic crisis. They said that if their demands were not met, they would continue with the mass escalation and would not join the transitional government. Due to this, the African Union’s Peace and Security Council intervened and called for the ruling military to transfer power to a transitional civilian authority within fifteen days or face suspension from the union.

SPA’s representatives also renewed calls for the head of the judiciary and his deputies and public prosecutor to be removed. They say that Bashir’s National Congress Party should be dissolved and that the party should not participate in a transitional government. Additionally, the leaders of the protests called for the arrests of prominent figures of the party.

Sudan Professional Association demanded the dissolution of paramilitary groups that were loyal to the old government. They also called for an end to Sudan’s press law and the public order law, which the demonstrators see as restricted freedom. The SPA said that their main aim is to establish a democratic state through the restoration of civil service and state institutions.

For peace to reign in Sudan, the ruling council should meet the protesters’ demands of disbanding the old military and transferring power into a transitional civilian council. Sudan should welcome a ruling council that would always protect its country’s democracy.


The Organization for World Peace