What We Currently Know About Iran Moving Missiles Secretly Into Iraq

U.S. intelligent services have recently reported that they have been tracking the movement of Iranian missiles being moved into Iraqi locations over the last year. They are  believed to be taking advantage of the protests and political unrest in Iraq to do so.

In Iraq people are currently protesting against the influence of Iranians on their culture and political systems with sometimes violent public protests; it is ironic that they are sneaking missiles into a nation which does not want them there. It clearly shows the power Iranians are trying to achieve in the Middle East. Iraqis “do not want to be led around on a leash by the Iranians,” Representative Elissa Slotkin, Democrat of Michigan and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said in an interview. “But, unfortunately, due to the chaos and confusion in the Iraqi central government, Iran is paradoxically the best poised to take advantage of the grass-roots unrest.’’

They are reported to be short-range ballistic missiles with a range of over 600 miles – one fired from the outskirts of Baghdad could assault Jerusalem. However, this is all the information the public is going to receive. According to the New York Times intelligence officials will not release any more details about the exact models being snuck into Iraq.

Israel had launched an airstrike in an attempt to destroy them as they pose a huge threat, but they failed to find the hidden missiles. Ever since then, the threat the weaponry possesses grows increasingly larger as more missiles are still being moved across the border.

This largely stems from the Trump Administration in the Middle East – over time they have increased their military presence there with the idea to counter the developing threats to Americans. This includes the recent attacks on oil tankers and facilities for which the U.S. blamed Iraq. The developing threats then saw the Trump Administration send an additional 14,000 troops to the region in May, mainly to aid in missile defense systems and staff Navy ships.

But the fact that they are hoarding large amounts of deadly missiles in Iraq is a clear indication that Trump Administration’s efforts to discourage Tehran by increasing the presence of military power in this continent to massively failing.

Iraq is believed to be doing this as they are planning for future attacks and increasing their deterrence by spreading out their missiles which is part of a larger effort to try and frighten the Middle East by proclaiming its power. This collection of missiles outside Iran’s boarders gives them an advantage if Israel or the U.S. were to bomb Iran as their military could use the missiles in Iraq to fight back. Their presence alone could also help to reduce the number of attacks.

The threats to Saudi Arabia and other Middle Eastern countries are endless, and we may never truly know the exact intentions behind transporting the missiles. But we do know it has the potential to lead to immeasurable consequences – all precautions to protect the safety of the civilians are a necessity.