US Fighter Jet ‘Shoots Down’ An Armed Drone In Syria

An American F-15 fighter jet has brought down a pro-regime drone in Syria after it opened fire on coalition forces. This is according to officials from the coalition. This event marks an escalation of tension in the war-ravished country. Thankfully, no one was hurt in this unfortunate incident which occurred near the coalition’s base at At-Tanaf, close to the border of Jordan, Colonel Ryan Dillon, spokesperson of the coalition against ISIS, told Pentagon reporters.

The drone “was armed and still had weapons on it when it was fired upon by US forces from an aircraft,” Dillon added. Furthermore, he stated that despite the fact that the weapon released by the drone hit only dirt, the action was “clearly meant” as an attack, although it was not immediately clear who the drone belonged to.

“Regardless of what kind of drone it was, it fired upon our coalition forces, and therefore showed hostile intent, and it was perceived as a threat,” he said.

Recent times have shown a surge in attacks towards the coalition. On Thursday, there was another incident where coalition forces attacked “technical vehicles” advancing towards the garrison. On Tuesday, coalition forces also “destroyed” a pro-government unit that was also moving into the area with a tank, artillery and other forms of weaponry and just last month, the coalition forces struck a convoy that was headed towards the base.

In an already war-torn nation, matters are getting worse. The condition has steadily decreased without any form of improvement or without offering hope to its citizens. As if one enemy is not enough, it would appear that rebel forces allied to the current government of Syria are also actively trying to engage the coalition forces as well. Is this now beginning to be a war between three sides? The attacks that have been directed at the coalition garrison have only been escalating. First, it was a convoy of cars, the tanks and other forms of artillery, and now they have advanced to drones.

Again, and to no surprise, the West is involved with making this situation worse. While it is unclear why the attacks have been escalating, one thing is clear: In any attack or surge in hostilities, the West is in the thick it. Something has got to give. The people of Syria are angry. They have even taken to social media to call for peace. It is time for the West listen.

Ferdinand Bada
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