U.S. Names Investigator As Representative To China Boeing 737-800 Crash Probe

         On March 21st, China Eastern Airlines Flight 5735, containing 132 people, lost height rapidly, nosediving from a cruising altitude of 30,000 ft before hitting the ground. In the aftermath of the devastating Boeing 737-800 crash near the hilly area of Wuzhou, China, the United States will now be joining China in its investigation.       

         Under an international treaty by the United Nations, the U.S. can assist and serve as a representative to the crash probe. This agreement clearly states that the country where a crash has taken place will lead the investigation as well as the participation of representatives from the nation in which the plane was manufactured. Thus, U.S.-plane maker Boeing will be assisting in the crash probe. In a report made by the BBC, Boeing’s chief executive David Calhoun has stated that the company would do “everything [they] can to support [the] customer and the accident investigation during this difficult time,” with a mission and commitment to “safety, transparency, and integrity at every step” throughout the inquiry. 

         This recent crash has stirred immense worries regarding air travel, leaving many in China in utter shock, as there are many questions but few answers as of now regarding how and why this travesty took place. In a situation of this magnitude, where little is known about the crash, countries must put aside their differences or past conflicts and work together for the common goal of seeking the truth. With the U.S. and China coming together, double the valuable resources and skilled individuals will be available to help in the investigation. Additionally, this collaboration illustrates that international cooperation is possible and successful outcomes can be achieved by working with one another, rather than against. 

            The Boeing 737-800 is the second most common plane used today and is described by the BBC as a “workhorse of the aviation world,” where thousands are in service worldwide and have a strong safety record. Yet, the Boeing company has faced its share of experiences with deadly crashes, such as seen in the Boeing 737 Max, a model that has not resumed flying in China since the accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Furthermore, authorities have not yet determined the reasons behind the crash due to the exceedingly intense impact, where evidence can be obliterated. However, as Bloomberg details, crash investigators have been perfecting their examination skills in the aftermath of high-energy crashes. In the past, they have been successful in finding clues and tracing back the initial cause in crashes, such as the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max in 2019.  

              It is crucial to remember that without any survivors and little wreckage found as of now, the Chinese community is suffering. Friends, family, and the entire collective have lost loved ones and are currently graveling to comprehend this reality without any answers. However, with time and the addition of another investigative team on the scene to share their advice and perspective, there is hope that this collaboration between both nations will allow for a more precise explanation to the causes of this deadly crash.