The United States Of America Has Officially Accused Myanmar Of Genocide Against The Rohingya Muslims

The Rohingya Muslims are a group of people who reside on the border of Myanmar, in Rakhine state. The state’s residents are predominantly Muslim, and as BBC reports, they have their own language and culture. The important factor is that the majority of Myanmar population practices Buddhism. This has created a gap between citizens of Myanmar and the Rohingya Muslims. BBC News reports that this gap has excluded the Rohingya Muslims from being acknowledged as citizens of Myanmar and simply as human beings. This has resulted in what many call an ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya Muslims by the Myanmar government.

In 2016, an ethnic cleansing of Rohingya Muslims has started in the Rakhine state in Myanmar. Many of the Rohingya Muslims were forced to flee and take shelter in surrounding countries and refugee camps as several deadly attacks took place. CBC News informs that many of the Rohingya refugees are residing in Bangladesh now as Myanmar’s military group has brutally killed thousands of the Rohingya, including infants and children. CBC News also states that women continue to be sexually assaulted in front of thousands, while the Rohingya men are being killed on the spot by Myanmar’s military group. The mass killings have not stopped causing many international communities and aid groups, like The United States of America, to speak out against the Myanmar government.

Currently, The United States of America has accused the Myanmar’s military of a planned and coordinated genocide. Both the United Nations and U.S. have investigated the situation and have come to a conclusion that Myanmar’s government is committing genocide against the Rohingya. However, the Myanmar’s military group has denied the accusations. Instead, it is claiming that any violent attacks that take place are aimed at fighting terrorist organizations. However, Al Jazeera reports that many Myanmar’s government officials  do not support the claims of the military group. It is true that no government official has made a statement opposing the military group. However, BBC states that Myanmar’s government has urged the Rohingya muslims to seek shelter.

Accusations of genocide have led to the involvement of many international communities. The UN Security Council has requested that Myanmar puts an end to violence. The former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein, has spoken out, stating that violence cannot be overlooked and must be dealt with. Despite that, the UN has not implemented any sanctions against Myanmar yet.

As Myanmar continues to reject the accusations of genocide, such counties as Canada and the United Kingdom are the ones that aid the Rohingya fleeing to refugee camps. The CBC News reports that The United Kingdom has donated large sums of money in hopes of providing shelter and safety. Canada has started to accept the Rohingya refugees into the country, and the United States has declared that it will double its efforts to aid the refugees. Nonetheless, the attacks against the Rohingya Muslims are continuing to take place with no end in sight.

In order to move forward from this genocidal intent, Myanmar’s government must explain its actions to the United Nations and those who are accusing it of genocide. Otherwise, the hopes for peace seem to be slim.