The OWP Presents The 2020 Jared Hatten Award For Peace Promotion To War Child International

The Organization for World Peace (OWP) is proud to present War Child International with the 2020 Jared Hatten Prize for Peace Promotion. This award recognizes individuals and organizations that have had a prominent role in promoting world peace and reducing the harm caused by international conflict.

War Child International is a charitable organization brought together through a common vision and dedication to supporting children and young people affected by war. War Child’s work emphasizes re-building communities impacted by conflict with a specific focus on improving the resilience and wellbeing of children living in conflict zones. Last year, War Child supported 600,000 people affected by conflict across 17 countries.

War Child believes that children have the skills and ability to shape their lives and cope with adversity, even in the face of armed conflict. Therefore, all their programmes are developed in collaboration with children and their communities to ensure that they are as relevant and accessible as possible. This approach helps children recover from their experiences and gives them the confidence and opportunity to build a brighter future for themselves, their families and their communities.

War Child envisions a world in which no child has their life torn apart due to war. To make their vision a reality, War Child’s programmes offer children safety from armed conflict and provide access to education, psychological support, as well as skills and business training, in order to further justice and rehabilitation in communities impacted by violence. These programmes offer a holistic approach to empower children facing the toughest of circumstances.

War Child’s seminal work on the rehabilitation of children affected by conflict and the organization’s focus on education in conflict zones is critical to world peace efforts, and it is on these grounds that the OWP is honoured to present this year’s award to such a stellar and impactful organization. To learn more about War Child’s efforts and how you can support its exceptional mission, please visit

According to the United Nations, one in six children (357 million total) live in areas affected by war and conflict. In 2017, there were 21,000 violations against children verified by the United Nations (6,000 by government forces and 15,000 by non-state armed groups). The below governments have been implicated in the recruitment of child combatants:

  • Afghanistan;
  • Burma;
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo;
  • Iran;
  • Iraq;
  • Mali;
  • Niger;
  • Nigeria;
  • Somalia;
  • South Sudan;
  • Syria; and
  • Yemen

The OWP continues to advocate for non-violent forms of conflict resolution, and is focused on raising awareness of the impact of war on vulnerable groups, including child soldiers, refugees, and internally displaced people. It is our fundamental goal to end warfare permanently. War restricts children from receiving education, prevents families from obtaining food and water, and forces migrations as people have no choice but to flee their homes or perish. For humanity to survive, ‘War Must End.’ It is the important work of organizations such as War Child that can make this vision a reality.

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