The Netherlands And Canada Present Case To International Court Regarding Syria

Recently, the Netherlands and Canada developed and presented a case against Syria. They presented their case to the International Court of Justice or ICJ. In this case, they accused Syria of committing acts of torture. The Netherlands and Canada would like the court to prevent future acts of torture from occurring in Syria.

Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra stated that many Syrian citizens have been forced to escape and have been forced to leave everything they have ever known behind. Meanwhile, other Syrian citizens have been massacred and tortured. Dutch Foreign Minister Wopke Hoekstra also said that by presenting this case to the ICJ, will hopefully battle immunity and establish responsibility. In turn, this may help solve some of the various issues and conflicts that Syria and Syrians are facing.

Over half a million people have been killed, as a result of an altercation caused by President Bashar al-Assad. This was a direct result of President Bashar al-Assad responding violently to pro-democracy protests that were peaceful. The International Court of Justice should look into the case regarding Syria. The ICJ should also look into past and present torture accusations that have been made against Syria. Then, the ICJ should form an opinion about what has happened in Syria and what is currently happening in Syria. The ICJ should take appropriate action. This way, peace and security may be reunited with Syria and Syria’s citizens.

Syria’s civil war began in 2011 and overtime conflict and unrest has increased in Syria. Since the conflict began, more than half a million have been killed. Furthermore, government prisons have caused the deaths of approximately 14,449 civilians due to torture. Former prison detainees have confirmed this statement as they have said that these prisons utilize acts of torture, such as beatings, rape and sexual assault. Although the Syrian government has not responded to the recent claims made by the Netherlands and Canada, they have historically denied torturing their enemies and the families of their enemies.

The ICJ should look over the case and all of the aspects of it, in order to make a proper decision. The ICJ should look at both past and present accusations. This decision could potentially affect Syria, Syria’s citizens, and possibly even Syria’s relationships with other countries. Therefore, in order to maintain security and peace within Syria, the ICJ should make an educated and well-informed decision about how to handle the conflict and violence that is occurring in Syria.