The Mueller Report

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s special prosecutor Robert Mueller released his report on the alleged collusion of the 2016 presidential election last week, inciting significant global media coverage, delving into the depths of the extensive report. Mueller’s report had already received significant controversy by the Trump campaign as a result of claims the Trump family believe are unsubstantiated.

From consuming the media surrounding the report, audiences learn several significant shortcomings about the Trump presidency and his campaign, which will inevitably change the public opinion of who should be the Republican candidate for the upcoming election. Over 400 pages long, the document confirms that Russia interfered in the 2016 election and made significant attempts to contact the Trump campaign to arrange for Trump to be placed unconstitutionally in the presidential seat. Mueller indicated at least ten investigations his and other teams were carrying out regarding potential acts of obstruction of justice. The report has overall been inconclusive as to whether Mueller finds Trump guilty of committing obstruction of justice. Many journalists, however, have read the report and concluded that Trump’s actions could not have amounted to injustice because of Trump’s incompetence. For further clarification on the issue of Trump’s competence and understanding of the law, refer to the journalist John Oliver’s April 21st episode of Last Week Tonight, which covers the issue in-depth.

Overall, everyone can learn a significant amount from the media coverage surrounding the report. People should be worried about the influence of other countries and how they could influence elections for their own selfish reason. There is much more information people do not know because most of the report is classified. The pattern of actions leading people to consider impeaching Trump, and the conclusions made by John Oliver all make everyone question Donald Trump’s coherency, ability and competency with the law and his responsibilities as the leader of the free world.

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