The Casey Review

A United Kingdom government report has raised concerns over the lack of refugee integration among local communities.

The report was commissioned by the British government over a year ago and stated that the country has failed to keep up with the changes brought by immigration. Former Prime Minister David Cameron commissioned before his resignation and over a year later, Dame Louise Casey published her findings on Monday. The report not only raised the economic and social issues faced by minorities but expressed strong criticism of cultural attitudes within those communities, specifically among Muslims.

Casey stated that the “Cultural and religious practices” particularly “misogyny and patriarchy” of some men in Muslim communities were holding many women within those communities back from making progress.

Casey wrote: “I’ve met far too many women who are suffering from the effects of misogyny and domestic abuse, women being subjugated by their husbands and extended families. Often, the victims are foreign-born brides brought to Britain via arranged marriages. They have poor English, little education, low confidence, and are reliant on their husbands for their income and immigration status.”

Casey also outlined a list of suggested recommendations to improve the issues raised such as: “Attaching more weight to British values, laws and history in our schools [and] Reviewing the route to British citizenship and considering the introduction of an integration oath on arrival for immigrants intending to settle in Britain.”

Al Jazeera reports that the Muslim Council of Britain has responded to the report saying they will”carefully consider the details of Dame Louise’s findings and offer a substantive response” despite it being “championed by those who pursue a divisive agenda”.

“Any initiative that facilitates better integration of all Britons should be welcomed, and we certainly endorse the few, fair and supportable suggestions proposed by the Casey Review,” said the council’s chairman Harun Khan.

Khan however did also caution that report failed to analyse impact that white  British communities has on segregation. “As former Prime Minister David Cameron has stated, “integration is a two-way street”. The report has little discussion on white flight, and could have delved deeper into the economic structural barriers to integration.”

The Casey Review has raised concerns, the government however needs to consider commissioning a second report in response to analyse the impact that white  British communities has on segregation in order to ensure that any measures introduced are fair.

The Casey Review :

Annemarie Lewis